Can Electric Grills Get Wet? All Things You Need To Know

We are always advised to be careful when using electrical appliances to avoid damaging them and to protect ourselves. Most electrical appliances are water-sensitive because they are easily damaged when getting wet.

So, can electric grills get wet? There’s no way you can be sure that you can get your grill wet and then continue using it without any problems.

But that’s not all. So, let’s scroll down to capture valuable information.

Can Electric Grills Get Wet?

can electric grill get wet
Electric Grill


The answer is you should not do that! Don’t let it get wet. While your kitchen appliance should work fine in light to moderate showers, we recommend not letting it get wet.

Also, avoid letting water contact its cords, plugs, or heating elements. They probably won’t go bad right away, but it’s best to keep them as dry as possible.

The rest of the article will discuss how to use this appliance without getting wet and deal with it when your grill accidentally gets wet.

What Should I Do if My Grills Get Wet?

How to handle electric grills that are wet
How to handle electric grills that are wet

Don’t worry if water gets inside your device and stops it from working. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Dry it

Start with drying your grill, and you can expect it to be back to top condition soon.

Step 2: Disconnect

Next, you need to disconnect your kitchen appliance from the power source.

If your kitchen appliance is hot, it’s best to wait until it cools down before touching it.

Step 3: Dismantle

Then, remove its various parts for you to dry and clean it more easily. You need to start by removing its grates and the rocks located on top of the burner.

If you feel uncomfortable removing them, you should consult the owner manual and follow the instructions recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Drying

Once the removal is complete, you will find its burners, usually located below the grilling grates. In some cases, they come with a cover.

All you need to do is use a dry cloth or a soft paper towel to dry the damp area. Then, leave it open for a while until it dries completely.

How Can I Use Electric Grills in the Rain?

You should not use it in the rain
You should not use it in the rain

Although using this device in the rain is not recommended, there are some tips for you if you insist on doing so. However, you’ll need to prepare a few more devices to get the best result.

You will need to prepare a grill gazebo to cover your grill from the rain. As an alternative, you can also use some sort of shelter for the same effect. However, you should not let the tent or shelter be too close to your kitchen equipment.

But, if you place the gazebo too high, rainwater can still splash on your equipment and those around it, making it useless. So, the best thing is to put it at a moderate height.

There are tents designed for smoking or grilling. They come with tiered roofs to bring extra ventilation. Furthermore, they’re fire retardant, making them the perfect choice for even smokers.

But, what if the rain is coming down sideways?

In this case, it’s best to put your grill away and wait for the weather to clear up. As we mentioned above, it is always unwise to use your electric grills in the rain.

This tent can be the perfect pick if you use your grill in the drizzle. Yet, remember it can’t save you when it rains too hard.

Is It Ok To Use Electric Grills That Are Wet?

Your device is safe if it gets wet
Your device is safe if it gets wet

Suppose your grill gets wet by the rain. Then, is it safe to use?

Fortunately, the answer may be yes. It is true to say that the deciding factor if your device is safe to use lies in the control box rather than the grill itself. The reason is that this box is where all of the grill’s internal electronics are located.

If you own an expensive model that is well built, it will come with many protective gaskets and resins. They are designed to keep your device out of the water. Therefore, a little rain won’t do any harm.

Your device can still get wet when the gaskets are damaged and the protective resins are not appropriately applied.

Therefore, you should only use this device after raining. If you regularly use it in the rain, it will soon be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it okay for grills to get rained on?

It will still work under a drizzle. However, you should avoid putting it in the rain if you don’t want it to break one day.

If it rains heavily, you need to pause your party and move on to another occasion.

2. Can electric grills be left outside?

Yes, it can, as long as you cover them well to prevent them from rain, dust, and moisture.

3. Is it OK to leave electric grills outside in winter?

It is absolutely 100% okay to leave grills outside in winter. However, make sure that you disconnect them from the power source when storing them.

The Bottom Line

Remember that electrical gadgets and rain have a hate and love relationship. Although it can work in light rain, getting electrical equipment wet is never a good idea.

If it gets wet, do not panic! Instead, ensure you dry the inside of your grill properly, and it will be ready for use again!

Just follow our guidelines, and your kitchen equipment will be in good shape!

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