Traeger Timberline Vs Ironwood: Which Should You Choose?

Finding a powerful pellet grill with many outstanding features is a complex problem. Although there are many products on the market, they are not comparable to Traeger grills.

Two of Traeger’s proudest product lines, Timberline and Ironwood, have long been loved by consumers. However, new customers will be confused when choosing between the two products.

Sunset Bar And Grill will assist you through this article. We analyzed, synthesized, and compared the characteristics of two models, namely Timberline 850 and Ironwood 885.

Timberline 850 Reviews

Timberline 850 Reviews
Timberline 850 Reviews

Product’s Highlights

The Traeger Timberline 850 is notable for its intelligent and automatic leading-edge features.

The appearance of the product is impressive because of its neatness and squareness. It even looks boring to some people.

The square design and matte black steel make the grill look neither shiny nor polished. The Timberline grill looks quite like a mailbox with its stout cylindrical body and round lid.

The weight of the product is up to 213 pounds, quite bulky to move everywhere. Fortunately, Traeger has added four handy wheels so that mobility is no longer a problem.

The company added a small metal panel with three hangers to hang tools conveniently to create more usable space.

The rectangular hopper is fixed to the right side of the grill. Its capacity is 24 pounds, enough to keep the fire burning for eight hours.

When cooking on low heat and smoked mode, you will lose about a pound of pellets per hour. At the same time, the Timberline 850 will triple if cooked at 400 to 500 degrees F.

The product also comes with an LCD control panel that includes essential information for the grilling process. To check doneness, you also get a plug to attach a meat probe thermometer to the dish.

The design of the Timberline 850 qualifies it to be a true convection wood-burning oven instead of the standard propane oven. The solid smoky flavor is a big plus when you won’t find it in cheaper models.

Traeger goes even further by equipping the grill with a WiFIRE app with wireless home Wi-Fi connectivity. Right on your smartphone, you can check and control your baking.

This application allows you to start the device even when not nearby.

The neat and beautiful user interface is also a big plus for the application. They include attractive images, tight layouts, and a convenient library of recipes.

You can even create your own recipe and apply it to the automatic cooking program.

The most significant minus point of the Timberline 850 is probably the amount of energy you expend when cleaning and maintaining the product. You can refer to more in this video.

The process involves removing all the bulky parts of the device, such as the grating, grease, and heat screens. You should also bring gloves to avoid direct contact with dirt.

Other than that, it’s hard to find any downsides to this powerful grill.

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  • Heat slowly and hot to cook food quickly.
  • The probe thermometer is integrated with the machine.
  • Link to Wi-Fi for remote control.
  • Convenient application with automatic recipes.
  • Neat and sturdy design.


  • The price is high and only pellets produced by Traeger are used.
  • Regular maintenance is required to avoid rust and the risk of an unusual fire outbreak.

Ironwood 885 Reviews

Ironwood 885 Reviews
Ironwood 885

Product’s Highlights

The Traeger Ironwood 885 is one of the brand’s most potent and proud monsters.

With a total cooking area of ​​up to 885 square inches, including the main body (570 square inches) and the upper rack, you have more space than ever before. It is suitable for holding parties with a double-digit scale.

Traeger even claims you can roast ten chickens on the device. The weight of the grill falls to about 175 pounds. So ask someone else to help you with the assembly process. The complete process will take about 30 minutes.

The puzzle pieces all come with clear instruction labels. You won’t have to worry about the wrong installation.

Once assembly is complete, season the grill by preheating it for a while. Just place the pellets in the hopper and set the temperature to 500 degrees.

The material of Ironwood 885 screams quality and class. High-grade steel surface with powder coating and load-bearing doors. The handle is sturdy, and the wheels give it a solid feel.

Looking at the whole from the moment you receive the goods to the time of use, you will receive a comfortable and easy experience.

Don’t miss the WiFIRE smart app with lots of intelligent features. The application includes a massive library of dishes based on each type of meat and an automatic cooking system.

The Traeger D2 controller will monitor the complete cooking process on your behalf. All you need to do is select the right temperature; the grill will refuel and air-condition itself.

However, double-check to make sure you get the heat just right. The True Convection feature is an innovation compared to the petite chimney in older models. The airflow will always fluctuate inside the chamber, thanks to a fan.

Its most considerable effect is to add an attractive smoky flavor to your dishes.

The Super Smoke mode also keeps the temperature super low, between 170 and 225, to maximize the amount of smoke entering the meat. If you are a fan of smoked fish, this will be a goldmine.

The Ironwood 885 also comes with a meat thermometer to accurately report the temperature to the user. Consistency means you don’t have to worry too much about your food.

The material of the cooking chamber is steel with a double-walled design and a safety lid. The drill is also powered by the company’s first DC brushless motor.

The last few nifty minor features are in the pellet storage area.

Traeger has been very subtle when integrating beacons into the hopper to notify users of the remaining quantities. In addition, the grill comes with a convenient and easy-to-change fuel trough.

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  • Versatile uses: grilling, baking, or roasting.
  • Convenient and reliable Wi-Fi ability.
  • The ability to cook exceptionally evenly.
  • Easy to clean and switch pellets.
  • High-quality material.


  • High price tag.
  • It takes a while to heat up.

Traeger Timberline Vs Ironwood: Side-By-Side Comparison

To be able to summarize the characteristics and features of two products, you need a clear data table.

Take a look at the table below for the numbers and characteristics of the Traeger Ironwood and Timberline product lines. These include:

Features Timberline 850 Ironwood 885
Primary Cooking Grate 30 x 19 inches 22 x 16 inches
Secondary Cooking Space 30 x 10.5 inches 22 x 14 inches
Tertiary Cooking Surface N/A 22 x 9 inches
Grilling Capacity 7 racks of ribs 8 racks of ribs
Maximum Temperature 500° F 500° F
Hopper Capacity 24 lbs 20 lbs
Ventilation Rear Exhaust Rear Exhaust
Weight 213 lbs 175 lbs
Warranty 3 years limited 3 years limited

Ironwood Vs Timberline: Why Should You Go For The Ironwood?

After seeing a detailed comparison of the two products, we believe you have made your own decision.

Between the two options, Ironwood received more votes. They meet the basic features and have scoring applications.

1. Cooking Space

Cooking space (link)

The Ironwood 885 has a more spacious and comfortable grilling space than its brother. However, they only have two shelves.

The Timberline 850 has an extra shelf, so you can also cater to more than ten people at the party.

2. Grill Hook

The Ironwood comes with two hooks in the back. This unit plays an essential role in holding any of your grill racks.

Quite a pity that Traeger Timberline did not add this part. Therefore, you will need to put them somewhere else to store them while you cook.

3. Value For The Money

In terms of price, the Ironwood 885 is the absolute winner. It offers total value and features to meet the challenging needs of users.

Compared to the price, the different technologies of the Timberline 850 do not make a striking difference as expected.

So, we recommend using the Ironwood product line if you want to save some money and experience a robust feature set.

4. And Design

The modern design of the Timberline
The modern design of the Timberline

Timberline’s design gets a lot of attention. It looks sturdy with its stainless steel material and insulation. The square shape also stands out in your backyard.

However, when it comes to performance, Traeger’s products all perform similarly. The brand has applied D2 Direct Drive engine technology to spread heat evenly across the surface.

5. Front Shelf

The Timberline comes with a front shelf. However, the consumer reviews of this unit are not very positive. The shelf space is too small to prepare meat or place the necessary tools during the grilling process.

In contrast, Ironwood does not come with shelves to optimize costs. You can add this part if you want, and it will have a much more open space.

What Is The Difference Between Traeger Ironwood Vs Timberline?

Read on below for a more in-depth breakdown of the differences between two famous Traeger product lines.

1. Cooking Space

The names of Traeger grill products will clearly indicate to the user their exact cooking area.

For the Ironwood range, you get two sizes of 650 and 885 square inches. The Timberline is superior in size when it includes the 850 and 1300 square inches models.

The Timberline line also features three cooking racks, which means more storage space. You should consider upgrading this product for those who have a large family.

2. Hopper Capacity

Besides the size of the cooking chamber, the large pellet hopper is another strong point of the Timberline line. Timberline’s handling and burn time are far superior compared to its sibling.

The maximum capacity of the Timberline pellet hopper is 24 pounds. The Ironwood’s limit is only 20 pounds, but that’s enough to grill a party.

The combustion efficiency of both product lines is outstanding. Traeger has ensured that the burner box and the hopper of the grate can reduce fuel usage without affecting the heat.

Every hour, the device uses an average of two pounds of wood pellets. It means the Timberline can burn for about 12 hours while Ironwood only lasts up to 10 hours.

3. Drip And Grease Pan Management

The Timberline includes a hidden system inside to collect drips of fat. The included pull-out mechanism is responsible for removing all grease.

In contrast, the Ironwood adds a small bucket to collect dripping grease. Thanks to this, you can measure the amount of fat that has flowed out. However, be careful with pets or hyperactive babies.

The Ironwood drip pan layer also includes two layers of sturdy stainless steel. It’s a pity that their brother only has one.

4. Inner Insulation

As we said above, the Ironwood line comes with insulated side panels.

Compared to them, the Timberline was more developed with an insulated lid and double-walled back. It also comes with a spacer that wraps around the surface compared to the cap of the Ironwood range.

These features demonstrate Timberline’s outstanding ability to store temperatures for smoking or baking. You’ll notice a difference in colder climates.

In contrast, the Ironwood line is the right choice for organizing BBQ in the summer months or warm climates.

5. Cutting Board

Timberline has added a cutting board to the pellet hopper compared to Ironwood. This unit does not have too many applications. However, it is still a plus point of the product.

6. Grilling Rack

Grilling rack of the Ironwood
Grilling rack of the Ironwood

The final noticeable difference lies in the material and distribution of stainless steel in Timberline and Ironwood. It is the main reason why Timberline’s price is superior to its brother.

Not only do Traeger use stainless steel on the front shelves, but they also use a lot for the grills. In addition, you can see that both the lid and the insulated body lining on the two walls also use this material.

The Timberline racks are also stainless steel. In contrast, Ironwood only comes with porcelain-coated steel mesh. It causes some inconvenience in cleaning because porcelain gets scratches easily.

What Are The Similarities Between The Traeger Ironwood 885 Vs Timberline 850?

Not only are there differences, but you should also pay attention to the similar features of these two types of devices.

Most of them focus on technology, and that makes Traeger grill quality.

1. Control Panel

Both devices have a built-in D2 control panel. It comes with a start, timer, menu, ignition, smoke, and keep warm feature. You also get a dial for the most effortless option adjustment.

In addition, the manufacturer also added a meat probe and thermometer for effective temperature management. You will receive information via the LCD screen and customize it based on preferences.

2. Pellet Sensor

An innovation of the Ironwood line is the pellet sensor. As for Timberline, it was pre-existing.

The most important feature of this unit is the alarm when the amount of tablets reaches the depleted level. You’ll know when it’s time to refuel your powerful oven.

3. D2 Direct Drive With Brushless Motor

Timberline and Ironwood’s motives were once distinct from each other. However, Traeger’s latest upgrade has been applied to both models with the same D2 Direct Drive brushless motor.

This unit runs on DC to ensure consistent performance. Both products’ heat capacity and keeping warm will always stay the same to create a consistent dish.

The D2 console also comes with the WiFire smart app that allows you to control the app from your mobile device remotely.

4. TRU Convection And Super Smoke

The pill-shaped chamber and variable speed fan keep the baking chamber warm. This feature is called TRU Convection and is available in both product lines.

Its most significant advantage is that it cooks food evenly. The grill doesn’t have any hot or cold spots so you can ensure its safety. The maximum temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit allows pizza to be baked in just 10 minutes.

If you want to sear meat, then Timberline will have an advantage. The bottom rack of this grill can lower the fire.

The Super Smoke mode infuses a smoky flavor into your dishes by dramatically lowering the temperature to create more smoke.

The smoke is then blown into the chamber to infuse the food. It turns off the fan system so that the smoke stays in the room longer than before.

5. Portability

Although the weight of both Timberline 850 and Ironwood 885 is quite heavy, you can still move them quickly. Two small and two large wheels make it easy to take the smoker anywhere in the garden.

FAQs About The Ironwood Vs Timberline Pellet Grill

1. Is The Traeger Ironwood Worth The Extra Money?

The Ironwood is absolutely worth your extra money.

The material quality of the device is very high-end and sturdy. The heavyweight ensures long-term durability and a luxurious look to your backyard.

With this oven, you can make every dish on the menu like grilled and smoked.

2. Is The Ironwood 650 Worth It?

The Ironwood 650 is a quality option packed with outstanding features.

Wi-Fi-enabled devices are easy to use. Compared with coal and petrol furnaces, solid wood pellets are much more compact, easy to store, and clean.

Compared to its larger sibling, the Timberline model, the Ironwood 650 falls short on the feature list. However, the product price is much more affordable, and the baked goods’ quality is still guaranteed.

3. Which Traeger Series Is Best?

Patented in 1986, the original Traeger pellet grill model used a three-position controller. The LMH controller has three low-medium-high temperature levels for easier cooking.

Their disadvantage is that they are less flexible and cannot be modified to suit each dish.

Although there are now many competitors, Traeger’s position is still firm. The current product line includes the following series:

  • Portable grills.
  • First-generation Pro Series.
  • Pro Series.
  • Timberline Series.
  • Ironwood Series.

4. Is Traeger Ironwood 650 Worth The Money?

The Ironwood 650 is a quality grill option for the price. The most notable features include:

  • Smart and user-friendly application: The product contains an efficient ignition and temperature management system. The WiFire application is the brightest highlight.
  • Reliable: This oven works just fine even when you’re not nearby. Monitoring the temperature and condition of the food is extremely easy with a mobile phone.
  • Affordable price: The price of this model 650 is not too low, but it is completely reasonable compared to other pellet grills. The product will be suitable for those who pay attention to the budget.

5. Can You Grill On A Traeger Ironwood?

The Traeger Ironwood has all the flexibility, consistency, and ease of use any BBQ enthusiast could wish for.

It can not only grill but also smoke, roast, brake and bake. You can make an entire dish on the BBQ menu with ease and comfort.

6. Where Are Traeger Ironwood Grills Made?

For a long time, Traeger has been one of America’s proudest pellet grills. They still manufactured their products in Oregon until 2006.

The patent expiration opens the door for other brands to compete directly with Traeger’s devices. Therefore, the high cost of production in the United States is a significant barrier to the price level.

Traeger chose to sign with China to manufacture their grills to solve that problem. Except for their origin, their quality and features are unchanged, so customers are still satisfied with this.

7. Where Is Traeger Timberline Made?

Like the Ironwood line, Traeger has contracted to manufacture Timberline in China.

Moving the company’s operations abroad will expand its scale and increase production volume while keeping prices affordable for customers.

8. What Are The Different Sizes Of Traeger Grills?

Choosing the size of Traeger grills is extremely easy because the grill capacity is shown in the product’s name.

The number following the grill model always refers to the size of the grill in square inches.

For example, the Pro 780 will have approximately 780 square inches of baking space. The Ironwood 880 has an 880 square inches grill, and the same goes for the Timberline 1300.

Traeger Timberline Vs Ironwood: Which Is Better?

Both Traeger grills, the Timberline 850 and Ironwood 885, have their own advantages and uniqueness.

The Timberline comes with a lot of cool features. They are also helpful for professional chefs who want to experiment with more new cooking flavors. High-quality materials also ensure the long-term durability of the product.

In contrast, the Ironwood scores thanks to the balance between price and cooking performance. The spacious grilling space allows you to feed more people. The final choice is still up to you. Please share with us your answer!

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