Can You Marinate Chicken In BBQ Sauce And How To Do It?

Grilled chicken is an indispensable dish at weekend barbecue parties. Choosing the suitable marinade will bring great flavors into each meat fiber.

Can you use BBQ sauce as a marinade for chicken? You can absolutely use BBQ sauce to marinate chicken, but with some caveats.

This sauce contains a lot of sugar, so it can burn the meat if not grilled carefully. However, it adds flavor and texture to the dish after cooking.

Eatasunset has summarized in the article below methods and tips for cooking chickens with barbecue. Read on to discover.

Why Should You Need To Marinate Chicken?

Marinating chicken

Marinating chicken

The main effect of seasoning water to marinate meat is to increase the flavor and make the meat more tender. Chicken breasts are perfect for grilling once they’re marinated. Otherwise, they’ll be a bit bland.

The main ingredient of these flavorings is lemon juice or vinegar containing acid. It is the agent that softens the surface of the meat.

You can also add oil to help get the full flavor from the spices and herbs that permeate the meat.

Another ingredient is salt. This spice has the effect of breaking up the texture of the meat, drawing the meat’s liquid out to reabsorb the flavor of the herb.

Can You Marinate Chicken In BBQ Sauce? 

Barbecue sauce contains a lot of sugar. It is not suitable for cooking, especially when the food will be exposed to high temperatures.

Chicken takes a long time to cook. Sugar on the surface may burn it outside but live on the inside. In sum, it can be a disaster.

Soaking the chicken in the baking seasoning liquid also removes the crispiness of the skin and wings. Basically, any sauce has the same effect.

For that reason, many people don’t often use barbecue flavoring to enhance the flavor of raw chickens.

If you still want to experiment with this method, make sure to rinse off all the seasoning before grilling. It will prevent any danger of scorching the surface. The downside is that this approach is quite wasteful.

It would help if you did not keep this sauce to make a dipping sauce after marinating. The risk of salmonella infection is very high. If you want to use this dish, cook it first.

How To Marinate Chicken In BBQ Sauce: Step-By-Step Guides

Follow these steps if you still want to add a rich barbecue flavor to the meat at your weekend party.

Barbecue sauces

Barbecue sauces

Making The Sauces

Let’s start with preparing the seasoning liquid to marinate the barbecue according to your taste. You will need some onion and garlic to give the dish a bit of strong flavor and oil to coat the whole chick and keep it moist.

Do not forget the acidic ingredients to make the meat more tender and delicious.

Some of the spices commonly found in recipes include:

  • BBQ sauce: Choose from any condiment at your nearest store or supermarket.
  • Olive oil or melted butter: The perfect amount of oil will help the dish retain its moisture and deliciousness during the baking process.
  • Chili powder: A slight spiciness will make the dish more attractive.
  • Garlic: An indispensable spice when making grilled meat. Have some garlic cloves ready in the fridge.
  • Salt and pepper: Simple but great flavor.
  • Juice: Use fruits like passion fruit, oranges, or lemons for extra flavor. It is also an excellent source of acids.
  • Herbs: Different herbs give different flavors.

There are different types of the marinade as you change the ingredients in the recipe. Experiment often to find the flavors you love the most.

For more delicious marinade recipes and tips, check out the video below.

Marinating Chickens

After you have prepared the marinade flavoring to your liking, marinate the chickens. Place the meat in an airtight bag or container and cover the meat with the liquid. Don’t forget to seal the box or seal the bag.

You should marinate the meat for at least four hours. However, if you don’t have enough time, an hour is enough.

To prevent foodborne illness, store meat in the refrigerator, not on the kitchen counter.

Cooking Tips

Once marinated, you can cook the meat in many different ways.

The first way is to bake over medium heat for about 30 minutes or put in a slow cooker over low heat for six hours. If you have an oven, place the dish in it and bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Add seasonings during cooking to add flavor and keep the chicken moist.

Other Methods To Add BBQ Sauce To Chicken

Grilled chickens

Grilled chickens

If you don’t want to use BBQ flavoring like a barbecue sauce, there are other ways to add flavor to your dish. Try out all the methods below, and maybe you will find your favorite recipe.

Marinate raw chickens with spices without using BBQ liquid and grill as usual. During the last 10 to 15 minutes of cooking, spread a thin layer of barbecue dressing over the top. The flavor will still cover but not burn.

Seasoning recipes that you can utilize include dried herbs, salt, and pepper. Don’t forget to drizzle a little olive oil or melted butter on top to add fat.

Another method is to use barbecue dressing to make the dipping sauce. Serve it with grilled meat to enjoy while still hot.

Many people suggest slicing the chicken thinly and soaking them in the seasoning water. To prevent the meat from burning, flip the sides repeatedly every four minutes. Consider adding more sauce during baking to enhance the flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions regarding the process of marinating chicken before grilling, find out the answers here.

Spreading the dressing on chickens

Spreading the dressing on chickens

How Long Can You Marinate Chicken In Barbecue Sauce?

Before cooking, you must marinate the meat for at least 20 minutes to ensure that the spices are evenly absorbed. The longer the soaking time, the stronger and more delicious the flavor will be.

One piece of advice is to marinate for between four and 24 hours. If you store the meat in the refrigerator, you can extend the marinade time to three days.

What Is The Best Way To Add Barbecue Dressing To Chickens?

Instead of BBQ flavoring, you can brush the heated flavoring liquid over the meat after it has been sitting in the cooker for a while. Many experts recommend using barbecue sauce after 10 or 15 minutes when grilling food.

The main reason is that this spice dressing contains quite a lot of sugar. It can burn the dish’s surface if you adjust the temperature carelessly.

Can Chicken Marinade Be Too Long?

It would be best if you did not do that. When you soak the chickpeas in the seasoning for too long, it will become mushy and soften the meat fibers. Please look for the right timing.

In case you want to preserve them, store them in the refrigerator.

Final Thoughts

Can you marinate chicken in BBQ sauce? You absolutely can. However, remove the seasoning from the meat to avoid scorching the outside surface due to the impact of sugar. You can add more seasoning when nearing the completion of baking to optimize the dish’s flavor.

Hopefully, our article has answered your questions related to barbecue. Don’t forget to share if you find it useful.

Happy grilling!

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