Can You Smoke Meat On An Electric Grill? 5 Tips For Smoking Your Food 2023

A coal smoker is the most standard way of smoking. The smoker provides heat by burning wood chips and coals during cooking. But can you smoke meat on an electric grill?

Yes, you can. However, you need to use the smoker box or make your own to grill food on the electric tool.

How can you use electrically-operated smokers to grill meat? Today, Sunset Bar and Grill will discuss this topic further right here.

Let’s join us and learn how to simplify your barbeque party!

Can You Smoke Meat On An Electric Grill?

Electric grills let you barbecue at any time without the need for a fuel tank. You don’t even have to buy coals. However, this equipment lacks a smoky taste.

These smokers are simpler to work with and come in more designs than their coal-burning competitors.

This piece of equipment can smoke food with a surprisingly small number of features. It functions by burning a cooking compartment in which air flows, convectively heating foodstuffs.

A standard unit has a cooking compartment, a water basin, grill racks, and an electric heating source.

The equipment also has firewood options and heating systems to offer the food its smoky taste.

Smoking your food with electricity is possible 

Smoking your food with electricity is possible 

How Do You Smoke On An Electric Grill?

Grilling food on this indoor gear is possible, but how do you cook meat on an electric grill? The process is relatively straightforward as follows:

  • Grab a small aluminum box and use it as your smoke box.
  • Fill the box with coal or pre-soaked hardwood and set it into the grill.
  • Poke some holes in the box and top it with another sheet of foil. The holes in the top will allow the smoke to leave the box.
  • Place the box on top of the grating.
  • Preheat the electric plate to a low setting, such as 225 to 250°F.
  • Do the same with the box inside so that the charcoal and the wood can produce smoke once you place the food inside.
  • Arrange the meat on the barbecue grate. The electric heater’s heater can be underneath the surface.
  • Ensure it stays far away from the heating source. The right distance will assist in obtaining the indirect temperature rise.
  • Now, start smoking your meat. To be safe, use a thermometer to measure the interior temperature of the food every hour. The ideal heat is 145 to 160°F.

Pay attention to the heat during the cooking process

Pay attention to the heat during the cooking process 

Tips For Smoking Meat With Electronic Equipment

Electronically-operated smokers are extremely simple to operate compared to other forms of smokers. These tools can handle most of the jobs for you.

You can take your smoking task to the next level by following these simple guidelines.

Season the grill

You should prepare the equipment before using it for the first time. The goal is to wipe off any debris formed on the frying racks, chip trays, or stainless steel containers throughout the production chain.

Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to its inner sides and heat it at 275°F for about three hours.

Insert some wood chips into the tray during the last hour of seasoning. These chips will emit smoke, which can cleanse the unit for usage in the future.

Use a separate temperature probe.

Although many modern smokers have a built-in thermostat, it is often among the lowest-quality parts of the device.

Although a premium brand’s thermometer can be superior to a typical gas smoker, the best BBQ cooks still buy a sophisticated meat thermometer.

Cook your food at the right temperature

Preheat the oven to the right temperature first. Each sort of meat smokes effectively at a different temperature range.

At 225°F, brisket, pork, and ribs cook well. On the other hand, turkey and chicken can withstand higher heat during a multi-hour smoke—often about 275°F.

Try hardwoods

Although not every electrically-powered smoker has a wood-burning feature, the top models almost always have. You can also combine different types of wood.

Excluding apples, meat smokes nicely with all wood. Meanwhile, chicken tastes best when smoked with anything wood other than maple and oak.

Try oak, mesquite, or alder if you want to cook fish. However, you shouldn’t use oak and mesquite for pork.

This video shows you some tips to choose wood for smoking meat. Check it carefully since the wood can affect the flavor of your food.

The wood chips can enhance or worsen the taste of your food
The wood chips can enhance or worsen the taste of your food

Leave enough cooking space

You don’t want your smokers to take up too much space in your garden. Make sure you get one with enough space so you can precisely cook your food.

A tall vertical device may double or treble the cooking space, but a broad device with two doors allows you to cook larger pieces of beef without cutting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about using electrically-operated grills for smoking food. Let’s check!

1. Can you use smoking chips on an electric grill?

Yes. You can lay the chips in a box and heat them directly. Move them to the cooler area of the tray as they start to burn, and then place your food on to cook.

2. Can you smoke meat on an indoor grill?

Yes. You can barbecue almost every type of meat using this equipment, such as pork, beef, or poultry.

Indoor smokers are usually more compact than those used outside. They should be that size to save floor space.


Investing in a big outside smoker costs more money. It’s also complicated to set up. Instead, you can go for the electric one. Things get much more straightforward, and your barbeque party will be more fun.

Hopefully, you will find the answer to “Can you smoke meat on an electric grill?”. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading, and see you in the next post!

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