How to get charcoal flavor on an electric grill? (A complete Guide)

Charcoal grill is a common and popular type of grill when preparing grilled dishes. But in recent years, electric grills were born and more popular. Because of the outstanding advantages such as fast grilling, no smoke…

However, many people still like to enjoy the taste of charcoal grills. So, the way to get charcoal flavor on an electric grill? Let’s find out more about this with Sunset Bar and Grill.

How to get charcoal flavor on an electric grill?

How to do it is simple. You only need to use charcoal or wood chips and foil to place inside the grill of an electric grill. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: First, you put wood chips or charcoal in foil and wrap them. Then use tongs to put it inside the electric grill. Be careful as you may get burned.
  • Step 2: The heat from the coils will burn the wood chips and charcoal in the foil.
  • Step 3: After burning for a while, smoke will rise from wood chips and coal. Your meat will absorb this smoke. This is the charcoal flavor on the electric grill that you want to enjoy.
  • Step 4: When the charcoal and wood chips are red hot, you should pour some olive oil on it. This will make the smoke more fragrant and penetrate the meat better.

Using charcoal or wood chips is the best way to get a charcoal flavor on an electric grill. Currently, on the market, there are many types of electric grills with places to place charcoal or wood chips. This is a way to experience different grilling flavors that you have never tried before.

Using charcoal or wood chips is the best way to get a charcoal flavor on an electric grill

Using charcoal or wood chips is the best way to get a charcoal flavor on an electric grill

How does an electric grill work?

Electric grill line is a modern kitchen product that is trusted by many people today. This type of grill ensures the deliciousness of grilled goods and limits the causes of harm to health.

Thanks to the operating principle of converting electricity into heat, the electric grill cooks food without producing smoke. It is highly rated for safety compared to charcoal grills or alcohol grills.

Electric grill cooks food with heat. Heat rays are natural light with 7 rainbow colors from red to purple. Among those rays, red rays have the strongest heat radiation to help food cook quickly. You can rest assured because infrared rays are very safe for health. It is even used in healthcare medical devices.

The principle of operation of an electric grill is to convert electrical energy into heat

The factor that helps food to cook quickly is thanks to the organic glass material on the grill. It consists of many converging lenses capable of emitting strong heat from the infrared rays of the grill.

Therefore, the heat efficiency is very high. In addition, the smokeless electric grill is capable of toasting both fresh and dry foods quickly.

You also do not need to worry about health problems when grilling food directly with this grill. It does not discharge, does not generate magnetism and does not leak.

On the other hand, infrared rays do not produce gas and CO2 like coal grills. Therefore, electric grills are extremely safe for users.

However, to ensure hygiene, you need to regularly clean the grill. This helps the food to absorb the heat from the grill more evenly. Because the grill also helps the electric grill to always conduct heat well, helping the food to cook evenly and keep the flavor.

Another huge benefit is that an electric grill will help your family save more energy and money than traditional grills.

Why use an electric grill?

  • Grill delicious food, without smoke
  • Easy to clean after use
  • Can be adjust the temperature
  • Health safety
  • Grill food quickly and save time

Electric grills are often used to organize indoor or outdoor BBQ parties. Currently, electric grills have a very compact design and work with electricity. Here are the reasons why you should use an electric grill instead of a charcoal grill:

Grilled delicious food, without smoke

As we all know, when grilling on a charcoal grill, it will create a lot of smoke. It not only affects everyone around, but it is also difficult to avoid the coal dust sticking to the grilled goods.

When ingested, it will have a negative impact on human health. But the electric grill is not like that. It is a smokeless electric power product. That is one of the reasons why you should choose an electric grill instead of a coal grill like before.

Easy to clean after use

This electric grill is all covered with an excellent non-stick coating. These non-stick layers help food not burn when grilling So it will be easier for you to clean. Besides, its design is not bulky, so cleaning is also greatly simplified.

Can adjust the temperature

The electric grill has a knob to adjust the grilling temperature. This function helps you not to worry about the problem of overheating causing meat to burn. Adjust the temperature accordingly so that your barbecue is always delicious, fragrant and crispy.

In addition, with this function, you will be able to grill many different foods such as meat, seafood or vegetables and bread. The temperature in the electric grill is 80⁰C to 240⁰C, corresponding to 5 optional landmarks.

Health safety

When grilling with a charcoal grill, it will produce CO emissions. It is toxic to the human body when inhaled. Electric grills use only electrical energy. You can be completely assured of health because it does not create smoke and produce toxic gases.

In addition, the electric grill also has a convenient grease tray with a non-stick layer. Therefore, it can both save money and help reduce cholesterol for meat dishes. Moreover, you can also use the kitchen right on the dining table for families with young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Electric grill does not produce smoke and produces toxic gas

Grilled food quickly and save time

If the charcoal grill has to wait for the coal to be ignited, the grill will simplify everything. It only takes 1 to 2 minutes to get hot and ready for a home barbecue.

Final Words

Through this article you know the method to get charcoal flavor on an electric grill. We hope that the information we also give you will help you enjoy a perfect barbecue with the desired charcoal flavor.

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