Can You Use Charcoal In An Electric Grill? 2 Methods You Must Know

Can you use charcoal in an electric grill? In a grill, you may undoubtedly use charcoal. Additionally, you can use wood chips. To heat the surface and cook the food on the plate, they use electricity as a fuel source.

There are a few ways to put wood coal on a grill, but the most common is using a smoker box and aluminum foils. However, for the most significant effects, you must do it correctly.

This article discusses coal in the grills, including how they work, their most delicate features, and the types of coal used in them. Please scroll down to delve into those techniques and execute them flawlessly.

Can You Use Charcoal On A Smokeless Grill?

An electric grill using charcoal
A grill using charcoal

The answer is Yes, you can. In a grill, you may undoubtedly use coal. Additionally, you can use wood chips.

You can cook meat, fish, and vegetables on electric and charcoal grills utilizing direct heat beneath the surface. The devices are becoming more popular since they are more practical and suitable for indoor use.

Many devices contain a chip area generally located beneath the heat source. As a result, even if the device isn’t built for them, you may utilize coal.

How Do You Start An Electric Grill With Charcoal?

Grilling meat on an electric grill with charcoal
Grilling meat on a grill with charcoal

I like to add charcoal to my grills while barbecuing outside. Because it gives off the same wood coal fragrance as traditional devices without the hassle of lighting a fire. But, some people may inquire: “How do I use charcoal on a grill?”.

You may use charcoal in a barbecue in various ways. Each technique is simple.

The easiest way to keep them confined is to bundle them up in foil. Tossing them into the appliance and using a separate wood chip pan are two options: smoker box or aluminum foil.

Smoker Box

Smoker Box
Smoker Box

A smoker box is a tiny container that holds a few chips and emits smoke. You can find this container on a device in the corner of a cooking surface. In most situations, an appliance with a lid cover on top works well for this type of smoking.

Before putting the chips on the device, you can wet them beforehand. It raises the amount of smoke generated. Set your device to a higher temperature so the smoker box can absorb the heat and develop smoke more quickly.

After the chips have been lit, you can lower the temperature. Also, keep a spray bottle filled with water on hand to put out a fire if the chips catch fire.

More chips mean thicker smoke and a longer burning time in a smoker box. If you’re grilling for an extended amount of time, you may add extra chips to the box.

Here are the steps that you can follow:

  • Fill a small container halfway with chips. Then, set the can upright within the device in the center of the coils. To avoid burns, use tongs when doing this.
  • The coils become hot enough for the chips to smoke and catch fire. The chips will produce smoke in a few minutes, giving the meat the desired smokey taste or scent.
  • Because the smoke dissipates rapidly, you may miss it and conclude that it did not function. Check the chips after one hour. You may blend different chips to give your dish a unique scent and flavor.

Aluminum Foil

Charcoal in aluminum foil
Charcoal In Aluminum Foil

To begin, soak your chosen chips in water. You, on the other hand, use dry chips. Second, set the chips on a double-layer or thick aluminum foil. Wrap the chips in foil after that.

Make vents on the top side of the foil with a toothpick where the smoke will escape. Place the wrapper on the appliance and cook for about 10 minutes on high heat.


Can I use charcoal in an electric grill?

To achieve a coal taste in your cuisine, you need to utilize coal chips on your device. When burnt, they emit smoke.

Can you use charcoal in an indoor grill?

Even if ventilation is available, you should never use coal indoors. Please do not keep the device indoors with newly used coals since wood coal releases CO fumes until extinguished. It is possible to die if you burn coal indoors.

How can I add flavor to my electric grills?

Liquid smoke is an option. Liquid smokes are a quick and easy method to add a smoky taste to your dish.

How long does it take to light charcoal with an electric lighter?

Allow the coals to heat for 20 to 30 minutes, or until they turn ash gray during the day or glow red at night. The simple wood coal to ignite can save you a lot of time.

Can you smoke on an electric grill?

Electric appliances enable you to barbecue at any time of year without needing a gas tank or the purchase of wood coal. Most devices lack a smokey taste due to this convenience, but you may smoke food with a device by utilizing the provided smoker box or constructing your own.

Can you use charcoal on a smokeless grill?

The smokeless barbecue is ideal for those who like their grilling to be smoke-free. A built-in fan blasts air directly onto the coal in a smokeless wood coal barbecue. As a result, the coal burns hotter, cleaner, and more effectively.

Is an electric grill better than charcoal?

While simple and quick to operate, the appliance often produces a less natural flavor than wood coal barbecues.

When burned, they don’t produce the same smokiness as coal, but they also don’t release harmful compounds into the food. The most significant advantage of grills is their ease of use.

If you are looking for the best devices, you can pick one from the list mentioned in this video:

Final Thoughts

Although grills utilize electricity for cooking your meats or vegetables, you may still use them with coal. When uncooked, the coal or wood chips give the desired smokiness and scent for the specific meal, you wish to grill.

Hopefully, this article has helped you answer the question: Can you use charcoal in an electric grill? See more articles on the topic of grilling at the Sunset Bar and Grill. Thank you for reading!

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