What are the differences between grilled and fried chicken?

Chicken meat contains a lot of nutrients for humans and it is also very delicious. Most people love to eat chicken dishes. However, each person will have a different preference for how to cook.

Nowadays, grilled chicken and fried chicken are very popular for the daily menu. So let’s find out what are the differences between grilled and fried chicken?  Sunset Bar and Grill will help you have more understanding.

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Compare the difference between grilled chicken and fried chicken

What are the differences between grilled and fried chicken?

The difference between fried chicken and grilled chicken is obvious from the name. Fried chicken needs to use a lot of vegetable oil combined with some types of flour. When eaten, this dish usually has a crunchy taste.

For grilled chicken, there is no need to use vegetable oil. They are just marinated with a little sauce and grilled. Grilled chicken when eaten is usually tough and the chicken is tender.

How to cook grilled chicken and fried chicken

The first feature to evaluate the difference between these two processing methods is the way of processing. If you need processing to cook these two dishes, then distinguish them.

Fried chicken

The initial method of pre-processing fried chicken requires more meticulous steps. You will need to take the chicken to be fried and soak it in salt water.

After soaking, it needs to be rolled with flour to add spice mixtures and fried. When frying, it is necessary to regularly check whether the oil is still submerged in the chicken.

Cooking by frying method, you do not need to remove the skin of the chicken. Because fried chicken is cooked on its skin and the skin will also be delicious.

Because at the time of preliminary preparation, the fried chicken is breaded and will be cooked when the oil is hot.

Besides, always make sure the chicken frying pan is full of oil. Even cooking oil must cover the chicken to create the best fried chicken. Fried chicken can also add a lot of other ingredients such as eggs, bread crumbs, flour, and tapioca.

With fried chicken, it has been soaked in a lot of ingredients, so the main flavor is not chicken. It has been flavored with spices and powders.

How to cook fried chicken

How to cook fried chicken

Grilled Chicken

In terms of preparation, people often prefer grilled chicken. You will not have to spend too much time nor take many stages because it is very simple. You can also be flexible with this approach.

Grilled chicken is very different from fried chicken. That’s when you need to process to peel the skin. Because it will hinder the cooking process of chicken.

After peeling off the skin, add seasonings such as salt, herbs, pepper and spices. If you want it rich, you can add seasoning, if you don’t want it, it’s not necessary. With grilled chicken you will not need to use cooking oil, just a grill or charcoal stove.

Grilled chicken is not submerged in oil in the pan, so it takes longer to cook. If you are not careful, there may be parts of the chicken that will be alive.

Because when you grill, it will need to turn evenly to help the chicken cook evenly. The taste of grilled chicken remains the same because there are not many ingredients. It just adds a little spice and has a hint of smoke.

How to cook grilled chicken

How to cook grilled chicken

The taste of fried chicken and grilled chicken

Usually fried chicken will be crispy and grilled chicken will be tougher. Since fried chicken requires a lot of fat, it will have more fat. Fried chicken will be reduced in nutrients while grilled chicken will remain the same.

Time of fried chicken and grilled chicken

If you need to cook quickly for the family, grilled chicken will be faster. Just seasoning and baking. Fried chicken needs to go through many processes when marinating with flours. Fried chicken is only suitable when you don’t have to rush it.

Fried chicken and fried chicken should choose which method?

These are two of the most popular recipes today. They all have different flavors and have different benefits. Therefore, it is not possible to determine which method to choose. It can be covered by a lot of different factors.

Grilled chicken will be suitable for those on a diet because it is less greasy. Fried chicken is suitable for those who like to eat crispy. When going on a picnic if you want to cook chicken but don’t have an electric stove and pot to cook. You can also use firewood for grilling.

Grilled chicken will limit weight gain and fried chicken is an easy method to gain weight. Also depends on the cooking time factor so you can make a choice. If cooking time needs to be quick, choose grilled chicken. Fried chicken takes more time because there are many things to prepare.

Choose the method that you feel convenient

Choose the method that you feel convenient

What are the remarkable characteristics of grilled and fried chicken?

Grilled chicken will help you not to gain weight if you need to diet. Since it doesn’t absorb any extra fat, just grilling the meat is fine. Calories are an essential factor for you to gain or lose weight.

But compared to fried chicken, the calories of grilled chicken are much less. If you want to eat chicken but are afraid of fat, you can choose grilled chicken. It also does not lose too much of the substance and flavor of the chicken. Besides, it is also very good for heart health.

As mentioned, fried chicken requires a lot of fat, so it will be high in calories. If you’re losing weight, you need to be careful when eating. However, it is preliminarily processed with flour. So, it will be crispy when eaten.

Maybe this dish will taste better than grilled chicken. Many people give advice that you should choose grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. Because it will easily cause obesity and not good for your health. If you prefer fried chicken, just cut down on your diet.

Each dish has its own unique taste

Each dish has its own unique taste

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is fried chicken or grilled chicken healthier?

As mentioned above, fried chicken has more calories. Eating too much can also cause obesity. That’s why grilled chicken is still the best choice.

2. Is fried chicken really delicious?

According to many people, fried chicken has a better taste. A lot of people prefer fried chicken to grilled chicken.

3. How to eat fried chicken without harm?

If you like to eat fried chicken, you can adjust the meal. Candles eat less on the menu. Maybe eating once every few days is not a problem.

4. Is chicken a healthy food?

Chicken has a lot of nutrients. In particular, it provides good protein for the cardiovascular system. And it is always an indispensable choice in everyone’s important parties.

5. Which way will take more money?

If you care about the price, fried chicken will cost more. Because fried chicken needs to prepare a lot of things such as tapioca flour, deep-fried flour, cooking oil,… Grilled chicken doesn’t need much preparation, so it costs less.

6. How to choose chicken?

Limit the choice of industrial chicken because it is both not delicious and not good for health. Should choose chickens raised by households themselves. Choose chickens that look neither too fat nor too thin. Before buying, please check the origin. Don’t buy just because it’s cheap, but make sure of the quality.

7. How to make the decision to choose fried chicken or grilled chicken?

If you are always confused about which type to choose for your family, don’t worry. Let’s look at it from many perspectives. The first is whether the meal needs a quick time or not. Next is whether anyone in the family needs to eat a diet. Choose based on your preferences and your family’s preferences.

8. Is there a risk of cancer when roasting chicken?

This is a question that many people are interested in. And it’s true, it can cause cancer. However, if you do it properly, it’s not a problem. Chicken can be marinated for 30 minutes and served with other vegetables and fruits.


Grilled chicken or fried chicken are both very popular processing methods today. Above is the information shared about what are the differences between grilled and fried chicken? Hopefully through that you will have more understanding about chicken dishes.

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