Are steaks good on george foreman grill? (Answered)

Many people are used to making steak with an electric grill or a charcoal grill. Making steak this way doesn’t really taste as good as it does in restaurants. Recently, grilling steak on a George Foreman grill is becoming more and more popular. Are steaks good on George Foreman grill? Sunset Bar and Grill will let you experience the taste of steak by making this special.

Are steaks good on george foreman grill?

The steak on a George foreman grill will ensure tenderness and flavor without drying.

The George Foreman grill has two heating surfaces. The piece of meat will receive heat from both sides at the same time. This will give the steak an even level of doneness on both sides. The heat of this grill is not too high like other types of grill.

Therefore, the meat will not be too dry but still ensure the softness. At the same time, it helps the meat to absorb the spices evenly during the baking process. You will enjoy the delicious flavor of steak on the George Foreman grill.

The steak on george foreman

The steak on george foreman grill will ensure tenderness and flavor without drying

How to make steak on george foreman grill?

To make steak on george foreman grill, you will have to prepare a few simple ingredients:

  • A piece of fresh beef
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Kosher salt
  • Black pepper

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Clean the meat. Dry it with tissue paper. Then, preheat your George Foreman grill for 5 minutes. Remember to close the top lid during heating.
  • Step 2: While waiting for the oven to heat up, mince the garlic. Place the minced garlic, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add a sufficient amount of olive oil. Mix this mixture together. Use a brush to apply this mixture on both sides of the meat. Use a hammer or hand to press the meat to absorb the seasoning.
  • Step 3: Put the meat in the oven and close the lid. The temperature of this type of stove will be from 125°F to 155°F. Adjust the baking time to about 4 minutes. Then, you sweep the mixture again to make the meat richer without drying out. Continue baking until desired doneness. Do not bake for too long as the meat will be tough.

You should not bake for too long or it will make the meat tough

You should not bake for too long or it will make the meat tough

  • Step 4: After grilling is complete, remove the meat from the oven and let it rest for 5 minutes. This helps retain the moisture of the meat. Then cut the meat into bite-sized pieces.
  • Step 5: Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of the steak with some vegetables.

Some notes when making steak on george foreman grill

Grilling steak on a charcoal grill is different from grilling with a george foreman grill. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to make sure the steak is tender and juicy.

The piece of meat is not too thick

At restaurants, a steak is usually 1 to 2 inches thick. However, when making it at home with the George Foreman grill, you should cut the steak a little thinner. This grill is not too hot like other grills.

Therefore, it will take a long time to cook a thick piece of meat. Moreover, a thin piece of meat will more easily absorb the seasoning.

Beating meat with hammer

A kitchen tool for tenderizing meat is a small hammer with teeth. If the meat is too thick, you can thin it as much as you want. After the seasoning is wet, you can also use a hammer to beat the meat to make it more evenly absorbed. Your steak will be richer and tenderer using this kitchen tool.

Seasoning to your liking

Seasoning is the ingredient that determines the flavor of your steak. There are many ways to season steak depending on your preference. Olive oil, salt and pepper are the basic seasonings indispensable for steak.

You can also buy several steak mixes in the market. The ideal time to marinate the meat is 10 minutes. Many people still have a preference for marinating spices overnight to make the meat as rich as possible.

Grilling time depend on you

The George Foreman Grill is an electric grill with two heating surfaces. However, the heat is not equal to other types of grill. Usually, it takes about 5 to 7 minutes to complete a steak on this type of stove. This time can be changed according to individual preferences.

You should pay attention to the time so as not to overcook the meat. 6 minutes is a reasonable amount of time for a pink steak in the middle.

Add some smoky flavor if you want

You can also add some hard to season flavors. Many people like to have a smoky flavor to their delicious steak when made in-house. Smoked chili powder is a popular smoky flavor for you. If not, you can also add a few drops of water to create smoke during the roasting process.

A george foreman grill is a healthy choice

Modern chefs have many different ways of cooking. Many homes have outdoor grills, slow cookers, steamers, or fryers. The grill allows for indoor baking with a minimum of preparation and cleaning. Several competitive grills are also available. But the george foreman grill offers some healthy benefits.

George Foreman grills come in many sizes. It can cook a meal depending on your needs. The George Foreman grill has no temperature control. Therefore, its switch is either “on” or “off”.

The grill has two heating surfaces. They provide heat to the top and bottom of the food simultaneously. The heating surface is slightly angled to allow the grease to flow away. The surface of the grill does not require oiling before use.

People often use George Foreman to grill meat such as beef, pork and hamburger. You can also use it for fish fillets, hotdogs, and omelets. Chefs use a grill to cook fruits and vegetables like eggplants, onions and mushrooms.

You can grill bread on the george foreman to save time. Try preparing all foods by cutting them no more than 1 inch thick. Then make a hearty family meal with a george foreman grill. You will be surprised at what it can do.

George Foreman grill cooks foods with no added fat. It even reduces the amount of fat around the meat when cooking. This method reduces the overall calorie and saturated fat content.

Food on this grill can be healthier than food cooked on a charcoal grill. As it has less chance for potentially allergenic amino acids. Using a George Foreman grill can reduce your exposure to these compounds.


Cooking with a george foreman grill will limit the amount of fat from the meat

Above is the information about steak on George foreman grill. We hope that it helps you to make delicious and tasty steak with this kind of grill at home. We are sure it will be an enjoyable experience with a george foreman grill. Good luck!

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