Kamado Joe Classic 1 Vs 2: Which Is Better?

Kamado Joe Classic is one of the most popular ceramic smokers on the market. Should you purchase the Classic 1 or Classic 2, though? Our Kamado Joe Classic 1 vs 2 comparisons will tell you all you need to know about this grill.

The superior version is the Kamado Joe Classic II. It has adequate air ventilation and heat retention gains, which justifies the extra cost.

They are ideal ceramic cookers for those trying to get the most bang for their cash. Despite the small size, it is designed specifically for high-temperature cooking and is well-known thanks to heat retention.

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A Quick Comparison Of The Kamado Joe I vs II

You will enjoy Kamado Joe items because they’re a crazy fantastic BBQ cooker. But you are not sure if spending the extra money to upgrade from the basic model to the Classic II is worth it?

We will go over all that is different and the same about each of these models to show you precisely what you are getting. There are a few things to keep in mind.

First, the 18-inch Classic has all of the characteristics covered in this article. Second, they will grill in the same way whether you choose Classic I or II.

Although you will receive additional features with the upgraded one, the fundamentals are similar, and both will grill dishes superbly. So there isn’t a terrible option here. Let us assist you in making your decision.

Kamado Joe Classic 1 Kamado Joe Classic 2
Model Classic 1 Classic 2
Material Glazed ceramic Glazed ceramic
Fuel type Charcoal Charcoal
Cooking capacity 256 square inches,

407 square inches with grill expander

256 square inches,

407 square inches with grill expander

Warranty Lifetime on ceramics, 3 years on pizza stone and heat deflector, 5 years on metal pieces, 1 year on gasket and thermometer Lifetime on ceramics, 3 years on pizza stone and heat deflector, 5 years on metal pieces, 1 year on gasket and thermometer
Heat range 225 – 750 degree F 225 – 750 degree F
Dimensions 46.5 x 48.5 x 30.12 inches 46.5 x 48 x 28 inches
Weight 188 pounds 188 pounds

1. Kamado Joe I Reviews

Kamado Joe I Reviews
Kamado Joe I Reviews

There are more similarities than differences among the Kamado Joe products. The thick ceramic sides of the Kamado Joe 1 provide heat reflection and retention, making it an effective grill and smoker.

It comes with a heat deflector device that controls multiple cooking zones for superior smoking and grilling results. It features an iron cart design that allows you to travel through the storage easily.

The slide-out ashtray and sophisticated igneous firebox are hallmark elements of this model for the Kamado Joe Classics.

The Kamado Joe Classic 1 gives you a lot of bang for your buck without losing quality and performance. It is well-made, and you won’t feel like you’re using a low-cost grill.

The felt gasket creates an airtight seal that promotes food grilling and smoking, while the 6 part firebox reduces breaking.

The cast-iron grate locks the wheels in place, and the Control Tower ventilation improves the BBQ experience.

The two foldable side shelves are adaptable with tool hacks and the two 18-inch multi-level grate designs. It includes features like an ash tool and a grill gripper.

It is rust-resistant, simple to clean, and highly robust. Furthermore, the half plates are at various heights, allowing you to roast the steak next to the fire while grilling the other food away from heat.

You can put a few sausages, steaks, burgers, and chicken wings onto the 256 square inches of cooking space.

With the additional grill expander, you can increase the size to 660 square inches; however, the width will restrict you.

It may not be as good at blocking wind and rain as the Classic 2. However, putting the parts together is straightforward, and this cast iron device is reasonably priced.


2. Kamado Joe II Reviews

Kamado Joe II Reviews
Kamado Joe II Reviews

The Kamado Joe Classic 2 is inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese clay-oven cooking techniques. It does, however, have eye-catching designs and colors as well as excellent heat retention.

It is easy to use and can smoke meals easily. It is a versatile smoker that holds heat and allows you to prepare food without constantly checking on it. It features an inside firebox that keeps the charcoal and solid ceramic walls.

You can efficiently manage the airflow, which decides how hot they will get at a given moment. Because the heavier ceramics retain heat, you won’t need to use as much charcoal.

It performs well at extreme heat, and at 600 degrees F with wide-open ventilation, you can obtain crispy pizza and a variety of foods by adjusting the temperature of the grills.

The Kamado Joe Classic 2 is attractive and easy to use, with an egg-shaped design and shelves with hooks for hanging barbeque items. The temperature gauge makes it simple to operate, and the stainless steel grates are durable.

The metal vent on the Kamado Joe Classic 2 does not move when you move or lower the cover. The Kamado Joe Classic 1 may have this issue.

The ingenious spring-loaded handle the weight of its heavy ceramic lid; the spring-loaded joints are game-changers since they make the cover simple to raise.

Other companies’ lids tend to slip off easily, shattering your grill. It has a trolley, shelves, stainless steel grilling grates, and heat disruptors to help regulate the temperature.

You can adjust the temperature, the positioning of the grates, and the grasping tools are responsible for moving the cooking grills around, making the equipment simple to operate.

What’s The Same On The Kamado Joe I Vs II?

Although the Kamado Joe II includes some advanced features based on its previous version, they still share similarities. Read on to know more about these!

1. Stainless Steel And Ceramics Grates

For practical cooking, Kamado Joe Classics invests in thick-sided ceramic shells. This feature makes using the equipment more effective.

The unit features a high-temperature retention capacity, which is tremendous and durable. Classic 1 and 2 provide the most excellent grilling outcomes without jeopardizing the integrity of their shell.

Opting between the two may not depend on the durability of the shell. You will receive quality metal grill grates that are long-lasting, simple to use, and clean by selecting between the two.

2. The 2-Tier Divide And Conquer System

These devices employ a cooking technique that uses a split-level, half-moon grate that may be used to grill various foods.

You may change the temperature within these devices to cook many foods simultaneously. On the other side, you may broil the steak while gently cooking the veggies.

All you have to do is install a heat deflector beneath one side and set the grills on the other side to cook the meal successfully. Then, you can cook anything on them.

3. AMP Firebox

Other ceramics are easy to break, whereas Kamado Joe employs the Innovative Multi-Panel AMP firebox. It is split into six sections and is not composed of one piece of pottery.

The pieces may expand or contract without affecting the quality of the ceramics. As a result, you may reduce breakages, cracks, and maintenance costs.

5. The Slide-Out Ashtray

The Kamados are easy to clean because of the innovative slide-out ash drawers. After grilling with the equipment, you won’t need to get your hands dirty with the firebox.

When the charcoal burns, the ash falls into the tray, which you slide out and remove after you’re through cooking. If you use the equipment for an extended period, you can drain it mid-cooking.

6. Optional Extras

Since the Kamado Joe I and II share the same 18-inch ceramic shell, they have the same optional attachments. The JoeTisserie enables you to manage the heat and smoke levels through your smartphone and Wi-Fi.

A few essential accessories include a grill expander to attach a third rack, a deep ceramic pizza stone, a cast-iron skillet, and a nonstick surface are available.

If you are on a limited budget but want to get your hands on some of the accessories, the Classic I is an excellent choice.

What’s New With The Kamado Joe II?

Kamado Joe is a brand that prides itself on being innovative. While the Classic I offers economy to the ceramic market, the Classic II puts in some extra, nice-to-have features.

These upgrades enhance this smoker’s convenience of use and durability. So, here are some of the added features that come with the Kamado Joe II.

1. Air Lift Hinge

A kamado’s high-fired ceramic shell is functional, helping them cook so well from every angle. However, the weight makes them difficult to close and open.

That’s why the Air Lift Hinge from Classic II is here to help. You can virtually open it using your pinky after reducing the dome’s weight by 96%. It is not simply there to keep your arms safe.

A better hinge also decreases the chance of the lid splitting if it is slammed down accidentally. It is also quite simple when the youngsters want to assist.

2. Weather-Resistant Tower

These two versions offer the best value for your cooking experience
These two versions offer the best value for your cooking experience

For those who’ve never used this product before, the top vent is responsible for a large portion of the smoke flow and heat management.

The Classic I features cast-iron vents that are relatively typical but of decent quality. It’s fantastic for making accurate temperature adjustments.

However, it does not always stay in place when you lift the lid. It allows rain to enter and is more prone to rusting.

The Kontrol Tower has been more weather resistant. It is made from rust-proof powder-coated aluminum.

The moisture is outside with a cap worn over the top. It also stays in place when the lid is opened and closed. The improved Kontrol Tower may not seem like much, but it makes smoking a lot simpler.

3. Stainless Steel Latch And Fiberglass Gasket

You may also upgrade from a conventional felt gasket to a business alternative with the Classic II.

The gasket on the previous version will need to be replaced over time. On the other hand, the Classic II appears to endure at least ten years longer than the norm.

It also offers a tighter seal, sealing in heat, smoke, and moisture for slightly higher fuel economy when combined with the sleek stainless steel clasp.

Kamado Joe Classic 2 Vs 1: Which Is Better?

They have a large capacity for a decent BBQ party
They have a large capacity for a decent BBQ party

The Classic I is the most acceptable option for tight budgets. This model exceeds expectations without the bells and whistles.

It does not require nearly as much money as the others, yet it still outperforms other Kamado grills on the market.

The Classic I is an excellent entry-level ceramic grill. However, after mastering the basics, you may become dissatisfied with its restrictions.

We suggest getting the Classic II if you have the funds available right now. Our recommendation for the ideal Kamado Joe Classic barbecue is the Classic II, which sits comfortably in the middle.


While researching this topic, we compiled a list of commonly asked questions. We hope that this information will assist you in selecting the finest product for your demand.

1. What Is The Difference Between Kamado Joe 1 And 2?

The Classic II has all of the characteristics of the Classic, plus a few more. Its innovative Air Lift Hinge lightens the dome’s weight, enabling you to operate them with one hand.

The grill may be left open at various levels, making it simple to get food on and off at any moment.

2. Is Kamado Joe Classic II Worth It?

It is an excellent investment. The Classic II has ample cooking space for a regular family to cook just about everything.

Because of its exceptional heat retention, you can grill low and slow for long without needing to replace the coals, even in sub-zero conditions.

3. What Comes With Kamado Joe Classic II?

It comes with everything to get started smoking or grilling.

The cart, stainless steel grates, shelves, and heat deflector, which help control the heat and produce indirect heat zones, are part of this package.

4. How Do I Know Which Kamado Joe?

The manual that comes with your grill contains its model and serial number.

5. What Is Better: Big Green Egg Or Kamado Joe?

Kamado Joe gives more bang for the buck than BGE by designing new accessories and packaging them with their products.

Because the quality of these businesses’ grills is practically the same, the increased usage of the Kamado Joe ones gives them an advantage over BGE, which is why we prefer them.

6. How Long Will A Kamado Joe Last?

If you buy a high-end Kamado grill, you can expect it to survive for at least five years. It’s their guarantee period, which covers material and craft faults.

You may rest easy knowing that you’ll get five years of factory support if you utilize it properly. It does not necessarily imply that the cooker will fail afterward, but the chances of anything going wrong will rise with time.

When maintained adequately, grills may survive for more than a decade. You may extend the life of your grill by keeping it covered whenever not in use and storing it undercover in the winter.

Because Kamado Joe barbecues are solid cast iron and have a porcelain enamel coating, they don’t require frequent seasoning to keep them from rusting.

Final Thoughts

After reading this Kamado Joe Classic 1 vs 2 comparisons, it’s easy to know why the Classic II is the most popular model. The Classic I, which begins as a terrific basic Kamado, receives some convenient features.

These characteristics increase the barbeque’s overall ease of use and longevity. However, we believe that investing in the enhancements you get with the Classic II is well worth the money difference!

The Kontrol Tower is high-quality cast aluminum, as well as the fiberglass gasket guarantees less bother and cheaper long-term expenditures.

If money is an issue, there’s no doubt that the Kamado Joe I is a fantastic grill and smoker.

Since the grates and shell are identical to those found on the Kamado Joe II, the functioning is the same, and you will get excellent results with either model.

The Classic I also accepts the same add-ons, so you have that choice if you’d rather spend your money on intelligent capabilities.

Overall, the Kamado Joe I and II are excellent value-for-money grills that last a lifetime and provide delicious food. You cannot go wrong with either of these options. Thank you for reading!

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