[TOP 6] Best Griddle For Glass Top Stove, Electric Stoves 2023 (Best Deals)

The modern beauty of the glass-top stove is what any housewife wants for her kitchen. Besides, the glass material also makes your cleaning easier.

Yet, this type of stove reveals some disadvantages, such as the glass surface being easy to scratch and being quite picky about cooking utensils. You can completely overcome the above drawback by using the best griddle for a glass-top stove.

If you are interested in a stove that offers excellent aesthetics and a dedicated grill for this type of stove, this article is for you. Do not skip any information, and you will surely be satisfied with your final choice.

Best Griddle For Glass Top Stove, Electric Stove Tops

Product imagesProduct namesProduct HighlightsEditor's ratingPrice
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill1. Material: Cast Iron.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.75 x 9.5 x 0.63 inches.
3. Weight: 8 Pounds.
5/5 (Best seller)
Nordic Ware Two Burner Griddle1. Material: Aluminum.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.5 x 9.88 x 0.38 inches.
3. Weight: 2 Pounds
4.9 (best seller)
Farberware High Performance Nonstick Griddle Pan (Best Seller)1. Material: Aluminum.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.5 x 10.75 x 4.5 inches.
3. Weight: 1.5 Pounds
Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle1. Material: Stainless Steel.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 18 x 3.25 inches.
3. Weight: 4 Pounds.
Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop1. Material: Cast Iron.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.5 x 10.78 x 1.25 inches.
3. Weight: 12.07 Pounds.
Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop1. Material: Cast Iron.
2. Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 21 x 11 x 3 inches.
3. Weight: 3 Pounds.

What Is a Griddle For A Glass Top Stove?

Choosing the best griddle for a glass top stove or grill is a flat surface with low sides used for cooking. The standard shape of this tool is rectangular, and a few others are square and round.

The grill can be confused with the pan. However, in reality, the edge of this device is much shallower than the pan. The unique design above is perfect for flipping food, especially pancakes or steaks.

The grill’s low-edge design is also a drawback because you cannot cook liquid dishes on this surface.

So, the griddle is only suitable for baked goods, cakes, or breakfast dishes. Meanwhile, you should not cook dishes with sauces or liquids on this tool.

Different Types of Glass Stoves

Before coming to the guide to choosing a grill, you need to know some knowledge related to glass stoves.

Each type of kitchen is different, and it has its requirements for cooking utensils. You certainly don’t want to make the mistake of scratching your glass or having trouble with it just because you didn’t choose the right product.

1. Induction

This hob is the most efficient of all the glass top models available because the product has good electrical conductivity and very effectively exploits the amount of heat energy converted from electricity.

Therefore, compared to other traditional stoves, induction cookers are more fuel-efficient.

Yet, not all types of grills are compatible with induction cookers. You cannot cook on this hob if the product is non-magnetic and sticks to the hob surface.

To check the magnetism of the blister before choosing to buy, you can use a magnet.

2. Griddles for electric stove tops

There are many flat-top griddles for electric stoves. As the name suggests, the power source of this type of stove is electricity. Electricity will heat the metal wire, creating a heat source that cooks the food.

The above operating principle makes electric stoves, not the top energy-saving choice. Besides, you also have to wait a long time for the electricity to heat the metal wire.

Although consuming a lot of energy, their efficiency is not high, and electric stoves are still popular today because of their low cost.

3. Halogen

This type of stove uses energy emitted by halogen bulbs. The amount of heat coming from the infrared light of the halogen is not very strong but is relatively stable. At the same time, this type of stove also heats the grill much faster than an electric stove.

How To Choose the Best Griddle for Glass Cooktop, Flat Top Griddle for the Electric Stove?

After reviewing the properties of each type of stove and the specific considerations when choosing

a griddle for the flat-top stove, it’s time for you to find the important notes to consider below:

1. Material

Stainless steel, aluminum, and cast iron are the three qualities commonly found when you research the grill market. Each type of material has a different heating rate and heat capacity that you need to pay attention to:

2. Stainless Steel

The advantage of this material is its durability and corrosion resistance. At the same time, this material also offers other high electrical conductivity.

However, if you want to use the stainless steel grill on your glass-top stove, you must make sure the product is magnetic and compatible with induction.

Now, consider between stainless steel and cast iron. Check out this video!

3. Aluminum

Compared to other materials, aluminum has many times higher heat transfer capacity.

Although this advantage makes aluminum grills quite suitable for use on glass-top stoves, you may encounter some problems when using this type of grill on an induction hob because aluminum is a substance incompatible with touch.

To use it on an induction hob but still want to get the most out of aluminum, you can consider multi-layer products made from many different materials.

4. Iron and steel

Cast iron is known for its good heat transfer advantages. Yet, when choosing blisters made from this material, you need to consider the weight or rough edges of the product because the above factors can damage the stove’s surface.

5. Size

The best option is a grill about the same size as the grilling area because you can make the most of the stove’s energy, especially the induction cooker.

Usually, the size of the blister will be in the range of 12 – 20′. If your cooking needs are not too high, the 11 – 15” grill can be well met.

Meanwhile, if you want to prepare many dishes for many people simultaneously, you should look for medium-sized products, i.e., 17” or more.

6. Non-stick surface

A grill with a non-stick surface will save you a lot of time and effort for cleaning after use.

However, the non-stick surface does not always have a positive effect. The chemical PTFE found in many non-stick surfaces is currently controversial about safety. Although there is no official conclusion, you still need to consider when choosing this substance product.

7. Some other things to consider

In addition to important issues such as material, design, and size, you also need to pay attention to some small details for a better user experience. Some of them include:

  • The tilt and drain feature makes draining fried foods easier.
  • Both sides can be available so you can prepare a variety of dishes.
  • Comfortable handle, sound insulation.
  • Dishwasher safe can be with mild soap.

The Best Griddle For Glass Top Stove Reviews Of 2023

If the above information still does not help you find the most suitable product for your glass stove, you can refer to the list of suggestions below:

#1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Grill – Best for Versatility

griddle for glass top stove
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Grill

Important Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.75 x 9.5 x 0.63 inches.
  • Weight: 8 Pounds.
  • Capacity: 1 Ounce

Product’s highlights

The most significant advantage of Lodge Pre-Seasoned compared to other grill models is the versatility when using the product in both directions. This is one of the griddles for electric glass cooktops.

Specifically, you can process eggs, cheese, and some types of stoves on the smooth side. Meanwhile, the ribbed side will be more suitable for preparing steak, fish, or chicken dishes.

Not only versatile in terms of processing, but this product also meets many different types of stoves. You can use the Lodge Pre-Seasoned on your glass stove and use the effect on the oven campfire.

The Lodge Pre-Seasoned will be an indispensable cooking tool in your kitchen with the above application.

Not only impressing with versatility, but the even heat distribution surface also loves the representative from Lodge.

At the same time, the product does not make you spend a lot of time cleaning. You need to wash the grill with mild soap and dry it with a cotton cloth. If you are a busy housewife, you will surely be satisfied with this advantage.


  • Hold heat well.
  • Heat evenly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Versatile.
  • Suitable for many different kitchen styles.


  • Heavy.

Bottom line

A reversible grill offers more benefits than you think. In particular, the most significant advantage is that you can process many different delicious fingers with just one tool.

If you appreciate the above advantages and are interested in a grill model available on glass stoves, the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Grill is the product for you.

#2. Nordic Ware Two-Burner Griddle – Best for Budget

griddles for electric stove tops
Nordic Ware Two-Burner Griddle

Important Specifications

  • Brand: Nordic Ware
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 16.5 x 9.88 x 0.38 inches.
  • Weight: 2 Pounds.

Product’s highlights

Compared to other names on the list, Nordic Ware Two-Burner Griddle is significantly more affordable. However, that does not mean that this grill model offers a less impressive experience.

It can be that this product has all the advantages that you are looking for in a grill for glass stoves.

The first is the design with fine, precise lines. The manufacturer has shown meticulousness in cutting and smoothing the perimeter of the grill.

At the same time, Nordic Ware also does not forget to recycle the scraps after the cutting process. So, if you are a person who cares about environmental issues, there is no reason for you to refuse to support this grill model.

Not only making environment lovers satisfied, but Nordic Ware also conquers even the most fastidious homemakers. The product can be used on the home grill and works well with camping stoves and campfires, thanks to the uncoated back.

Another advantage that any chef will love about this grill model is its large size.

The product has dimensions of 16.5 x 9.88 x 0.38 inches, respectively. The above parameters help the tray have the ideal weight to move and serve your food processing well.

It can be that, with just Nordic Ware Two Burner Griddle, you can create a hearty party with many delicious dishes ranging from eggs to bacon, bread, steak, and even grilled chicken.


  • Ideal weight to carry on trips.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The size is large enough to prepare a variety of dishes.
  • It can easily be converted into a camping stove.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Missing insulated handle.

Bottom line

Nordic Ware is a brand with decades of experience in manufacturing cookware. All products of this brand have high compatibility with different cooking styles, impressive durability, and reasonable price.

And Nordic Ware Two-Burner Griddle is the most explicit demonstration of the advantages above.

#3. Farberware 21745 Griddle – Best for Non-Stick

flat top griddle for electric stove
Farberware 21745 Griddle

Important Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Shape: Square
  • Material: Aluminum.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 19.5 x 10.75 x 4.5 inches.
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds.

Product’s highlights

The first notable point of Farberware 21745 Griddle is its impressive non-stick ability because the product uses the usual non-stick coating and uses a system called SmartGlide.

This system includes surfaces with unique textures: slightly hollow, concave surfaces. Compared with the traditional design, the top surface type removes food easily and has better heat transferability.

Returning to the issue of non-stick, with a unique design comes a high-quality non-stick. Combining two elements of design and technology does your cooking and cleaning more convenient.

In addition to its impressive non-stick ability, the Farberware 21745 Griddle is also a product with multiple cooking zones that allows you to prepare various delicious dishes. With the product, you can grill meat and make a variety of cakes such as cookies, burgers, or grilled cheese.


  • Heat quickly and evenly.
  • SmartGlide non-stick surface is PFOA-free.
  • Beautiful design.
  • High performance.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Durability is not as high as products made from cast iron.

Bottom line

Although aluminum is not too durable compared to cast iron, in return, aluminum products like Farberware 21745 are significantly lighter in weight.

The advantages of the application and performance of Farberware 21745 also make this grill model a good choice, although there are still some disadvantages.

#4. Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle – Best for Warming Up Speeddouble burner griddle for glass top stove

Cuisinart Double Burner

Important Specifications

  • Color: Double Burner Griddle
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 x 18 x 3.25 inches.
  • Weight: 4 Pounds.

Product’s highlights

A good grill is durable, easy to clean, and needs to conduct heat and distribute heat well. And Cuisinart Double Burner is such a product.

This impressive advantage is achieved by the Tri-Ply design with an aluminum core that shortens the warm-up time. Combined with the above method is Heat Surround technology. The principle of operation of the above technology is to provide heat along the sidewalls and the entire base.

The above equipment has helped your cooking speed with Cuisinart Double Burner be accelerated, but the finished product is still evenly and delicious.

Comfort and durability are also crucial reasons you should prioritize this grill model because the manufacturer has equipped a stainless steel riveted Cool Grip handle that is both sturdy and makes all handling operations safer.

Finally, the Cuisinart comes with a fitting lid. The appearance of this accessory made a big difference in the final product because the delicacies prepared with Cuisinart have a delicious taste and are rich in nutrients due to adequate moisture retention.


  • Tri-Ply design shortens warm-up time.
  • Heat Surround Technology.
  • Come with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Cool Gripâ„¢ handle.
  • Stainless outer shell.


  • The non-stick coating is easily scratched.

Bottom line

Unique design and advanced technology make Cuisinart Double Burner Griddle – the best griddle for glass top stove successful.

#5. Legend Cast Iron Griddle – Best for Durability

griddle for glass cooktop
Legend Cast Iron Griddle

Important Specifications

  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 21.5 x 10.78 x 1.25 inches.
  • Weight: 12.07 Pounds.

Product’s highlights

Millions of chefs have had to admit that no material can surpass cast iron in terms of durability. Understanding this, Legend has used high-grade cast iron to create the most durable grill you can find today.

The product is not only durable because of the top-quality materials, but it can also be for a long time, thanks to the perfect finish. After a long time of use, you can hardly find a scratch on the surface of the blister.

It is a fact that the longer you use it, the better this grill model will work. Legend uses a 100% plant-based spice base. It means that every time you cook a dish with a particular spice, you enrich your spice world.


  • Have an easy-to-grip handle.
  • Reversible
  • It can be with a campfire.
  • Enduring.
  • Do not use synthetic or chemical coatings.


  • Heavy, bulky.

Bottom line

It’s time to say goodbye to flimsy blisters that easily warp after just a few uses. You’ve got the Legend Cast Iron Griddle – today’s most durable grill that can accompany you for years to come.

#6. All-Clad E7951364 HA1 – Best for Overall

griddle pan for glass top stove
All-Clad E7951364 HA1

Important Specifications

  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 21 x 11 x 3 inches.
  • Weight: 3 Pounds.

Product’s highlights

It will be remiss if the list of the best griddle for glass top stoves does not include the name All-Clad E7951364 HA1.

Because this product has all the advantages you always look for in a grill model: good non-stick, suitable for many different kitchen styles, and easy to clean. This is one of the best griddle pans for glass-top stoves.

In terms of non-stick, All-Clad has equipped this product with three coatings to help you remove food quickly, even without using too much oil.

It is not only effective non-stick, but this coating is also absolutely safe as it does not contain PFOA, which does not affect the taste or degrade the dish.

In terms of suitability with glass stoves in general and other types of stoves in particular, the All-Clad E7951364 HA1 does not disappoint. The product can work well on many different surfaces, even in oven conditions with temperatures up to 500 degrees F.

With the last aspect to consider but not least: hygiene, the performance of the All-Clad is still very commendable.

You can wash the product with a dishwasher or detergent like you would with any regular cookware. Only one note is that you should prioritize hand washing with mild detergent to protect the non-stick coating better.


  • It can work well on many different surfaces.
  • 3 layers of non-stick coating.
  • The non-stick coating does not contain PFOA.
  • Safe, comfortable handle.
  • Compatible with many stove models.


  • Hand washing is to keep the non-stick coating.

Bottom line

In addition to a small note in the cleaning process, All-Clad E7951364 HA1 does not reveal severe defects when used on glass stoves. Therefore, this product is the first choice if you are interested in the best griddle for a glass-top stove.


If you still have questions related to the glass stove as well as the grill, leave a comment below or refer to some answers below:

1. Can you use a griddle on a glass-top stove?

You can use the grill on glass surfaces, but not all. Your selection should have the right weight, good heat capture capacity, and be compatible with your grill.

2. Can you use cast iron on a glass-top stove?

As you have seen, there are quite a few products in the above suggestion made from cast iron. So the answer is yes.

Although this material has some disadvantages when used on glass surfaces, undeniably the durability and many other great things that cast iron brings.

3. What should you not use on a glass-top stove?

There are quite a few tools you shouldn’t use on this scratchy cooktop:

  • Stone cookware: Products made of this material are often quite heavy and have a rough bottom. Therefore, using glass surfaces does not seem to be a good idea.
  • Heavy tools: No matter what material, a heavy pan, grill, or steamer placed on a glass surface can cause scratches.
  • Some stirrer types: The appliance itself is not harmful to the stove. However, the food on the utensils can be dirty and even cause a mess waiting for you to solve.

4. Do glass top stoves break easily?

The answer depends on the type of kitchen glass used.

However, it cannot be that the glass cooktop is quite prone to cracking if you do not choose and use the right cookware.

5. How to use a grill pan on a glass-top stove?

The steps to use a baking pan on a glass stove are not too different from those on a regular stove:

  • First, you need to preheat the pan before baking. Depending on the material and the thickness of the pan, it will take about 5-6 minutes for this step.
  • For the most delicious dish, you should cut food into as thin slices as possible.
  • After completing the pre-processing stage, brush a layer of oil on the food.
  • Finally, bake the food on the pan until the desired doneness is achieved.

6. Should I get a griddle on my range?

You should grill within your range because the grill will make food preparation much more accessible. If you are a professional chef or simply cook regularly, you should own a grill and a grill burner.

What Is the Best Griddle For Glass Top Stove

The list of best griddles for the glass top stove above has given a series of perfect suggestions for your beautiful kitchen. Not only that, but you can also consider the names above to use on your oven or campfire.

The selected models on the list will surely meet all your expectations. Thank you for reading, and see you in our next update!

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