How To Grill Steak On A Charcoal Grill Fast? 2023

If you’ve never eaten the steak, it’s a shame because the rich taste of beef is great. In this article, Sunset Bar and Grill will introduce you to how to grill steak on a charcoal grill to be able to make a delicious steak.

Tips to choose a steak

Before learning the steps on how to grill a steak, take a look at some of the basics you need to know when choosing steak and what you need before grilling.

Type and grade of steak

If you’re not getting used to cooking steak and don’t know what to buy, check out the best food at the steakhouse. Each type of beef will have a different quality and taste. Therefore, you need to decide what type of beef you want. You can go to the supermarket or market to choose the best beef for your steak.

How to grill steak on a charcoal grill
Each type of beef will have a different quality and taste


Steak thicker steaks will be more delicious. If the steak is thin will cook too quickly and you will not be able to get the taste but not too ripe on the inside.

What you need for grilling a steak

To grill steak on a charcoal grill, you need to prepare a few things.

  • Charcoal Chimney & Lighter Cube
  • Charcoal Grill
  • Digital instant-read thermometer
  • Charcoal (either lump or briquettes are fine)
  • Seasoning/Spice Rub
  • Steaks

How to grill steak on a charcoal grill

In the next paragraphs, we’ll outline the methods to grill a steak quickly and perfectly.

Use spices for your steak

The first step is to add a little bit of seasoning to the steak. The spices include a mixture of salt, pepper, and garlic which help steak always delicious.

Light Charcoal

You should not burn coal until marinated and done seasoning for steak because you have to wait an hour for steak, infused with spices and then grilled.

You should not burn coal until marinated
You should not burn coal until marinated

You may decide to place your charcoal in the middle of your grill and space it out equally if you have a set of GrillGrates (more on those in a moment). Otherwise, you might decide to bank your charcoal to one side of your grill. This issue will enable you to sear over direct heat according to the directions below. If your steak isn’t done, you can lay it on the cool side away from the heat source to prevent it from burning.

Place on grill and cook

After the charcoal has been ashed over, empty the chimney and set the cooking grate on the grill.

  • Your grill should reach a minimum temperature of 500°F, so let it heat up.
  • Place the steaks on the grill, then secure the cover.
  • Rotate the steaks 90 degrees after two minutes; this will provide ideal sear marks.
  • Turn them over after another two minutes.
  • For the final 2 minutes of cooking, rotate them once again by 90 degrees after the first 2 minutes.

As we’ve explained, to grill a steak on charcoal on a grill in the convenience of your own house is not that difficult. How do you prefer your steaks cooked? Do you believe we have overlooked any obvious omissions?  Comment below with your preferred steak preparation techniques.

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