[Top 14] Best Six-burner Gas Grills Reviews For 2023

Every successful BBQ party depends on whether the host has the best six-burner gas grill or not. After all, who doesn’t love hearing the sizzling sound of steak melting on burners or biting into tenderly grilled chicken breasts?

Due to the recently oversaturated grilling market, however, finding that perfect fit can be very difficult. Below is a detailed guide on how to achieve that fit, as well as some suggestions.

Recommendations for the best six-burner gas grill

1. Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill, 7370001 – Most Versatile

The Weber Summit S-670 LP is easily the best grilling product in terms of versatility.

This quality is most present in its six burners. While most grillers only allow you to cook a certain way, this gas griller can adapt to any ingredient and cooking type.

This variety includes searing, smoking, side burning, and more. Not only that, but the warming rack inside makes it easier to adjust the temperature and customize your grilling.

In addition to flexible burners, the Weber Summit S-670 LP Grill also comes with very convenient flavorizer bars. Thanks to them, seasoning food has never been easier. Just estimate the amount of spices you need for a perfect dish, and the flavorizer bars will handle the rest.

Lastly, the Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill is excellent for cooking large batches of food. This characteristic is due to the grill’s expansive cooking area (769 square feet) and strong AAA batteries. The premium materials, moreover, boost the griller’s lifetime to up to 5 years.

One disadvantage of this product, however, is its high price. But considering all the benefits it offers, we trust it is worth your money!


  • Versatile
  • Convenient flavorizer bars
  • Good for cooking large batches of food


  • High price

2. Royal Gourmet SG6002 6-Burner Gas Grill – Best for big parties

Are you looking for some six-burner gas grills that can accommodate a big BBQ party? If so, the Royal Gourmet SG6002 6-Burner might be a great choice.

According to many chefs, the Royal Gourmet gas grill excels at both capacity and consistency. With eight stainless steel tube burners (13,000 BTU each) and an incredible gas supporting system, it guarantees to produce any flame intensity and temperature you need.

In addition to that, a high-quality electronic ignition system means that this griller can last a long time.

Besides offering strong power, the Royal Gourmet Gas Grill is very convenient. For example, it has expansive cooking areas, reducing the need to find extra panes when grilling a large amount of food.

Next, the two folding side tables make it easier for users to compact the griller’s size when not in use.  The drip cups, lastly, make for easy and speedy clean-up.

However, there is one thing you need to bear in mind before buying this product. Only natural gas is applicable. Please check the brand’s website to purchase all the necessary accessories.


  • Ideal for large BBQ parties
  • Great capacity and consistency
  • Very convenient


  • Only natural gas is applicable

3. Monument Grills 77352 6-Burner Gas Grill  – Most customizable

Thanks to its customizable features, the Monument Grill 77352 is a perfect option for picky home cooks.

The stainless steel flame tamers allow users to change their fire intensity according to different ingredients and cooking styles. You can grill anything from peppers, potatoes to turkeys and pork chops.

Moreover, the cooking grates regulate your adjustments and make sure every dish comes out even-heated.

You can also test the product’s performance very conveniently. By featuring thermocouples, the griller’s electric intensity is present and clear to the eyes.

This attribute makes it easier for users to adjust when necessary. In addition to that, the indirect cooking test helps determine the tenderness of meat when slow-cooking.

One drawback of this gas griller, however, is its inconsistency in production. Sometimes, the product can come in less-than-ideal condition. If you have any problems, please contact the Monument Grills hotline for full refunds or replacements.


  • Highly customizable
  • Can experiment with a wide variety of foods
  • Very convenient


  • Inconsistency in production

4. Weber 67006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill – Most Innovative

Very few grilling products can be as innovative as the Weber 67006001 Genesis II.

By connecting with iGrill3, this griller allows you to monitor your food from start to end. It also notifies you of any potential electricity disruption or temperature change during the process.

Additionally, the griller comes with a 3D interactive assembly to give you easy instructions when necessary. Besides high technology, this gas grill offers a premium heating and cooking system.

With the infinity ignition and high-quality burners, you can cook anything from medium-rare to well-done. The flavor and grease management systems, moreover, help season your food to absolute perfection. Last but not least, the grates make it easier to retain heat during cooking.

This griller, however, has one disadvantage to acknowledge before buying. It can rust very easily. To avoid this, we recommend regularly taking the product out for maintenance.


  • iGrill3 allows food monitoring
  • Premium heating and cooking systems
  • High-quality burners


  • Can rust easily

5. Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner Gas Grill – Best overall

The Char-Broil Performance 650 6-Burner is one of the most well-rounded grilling products in the current market.

In terms of power, it has a 6,000-BTU cabinet gas grill with a 10,000-BTU lidded side burner.

These numbers mean that you can try out any style of cooking with a wide variety of ingredients. From grilling some peppers to preparing large BBQ parties for your family, this griller will never disappoint.

Besides being a powerful machine, the Char-Broil 650 6-Burner is very easy to use and maintain. Thanks to the griller metal side shelves, you can compact it to fit under the kitchen cabinet. Besides, the removable grease pan makes for quick and easy cleaning.

One common complaint regarding this product is wrong shipping. Make sure to enter your model number clearly to avoid this inconvenience.


  • Well-rounded
  • Can grill a wide variety of ingredients
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • Wrong shipping

6. Bull 62648 6 Burner Grill – Best built-in grill

The Bull 62648 Diablo Burner has undoubtedly the most high-quality built-in grill to date.

There is almost nothing a kitchen has that this product doesn’t offer. You can keep your drinks and food cool thanks to the outdoor fridge.

Additionally, the side burners will help you prepare side dishes with ease. Last but not least, the sink underneath the griller makes for easy and quick clean-up after use.

The capacity this griller carries is exceptional. With 103,000 BTU in power, you can try out any ingredient and cooking style.

For example, the six stainless burners on the front (15,000 each) are great for grilling dense proteins like pork chop and steak. On the other hand, the infrared back burner makes small cooking tasks like grilling peppers more convenient.

One disadvantage of this product is that it does not come with a temperature gauge. Users have to spend extra money for the grill to perform its best.


  • High-quality built-in design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Exceptional capacity


  • Does not come with a temperature gauge

7. Megamaster 6 Burner Gas Grill – Best for monitoring while cooking

With its simple design and user-friendly features, the Megamaster 6 Burner Gas Grill is a must-have for any beginner. Customizing your cooking is super convenient with this product.

Thanks to the built-in thermometers, you can easily regulate your flame intensity when necessary. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates also provide exceptional heat retention. This feature not only helps produce even-heated food but also makes cooking more seamless.

The Megamaster 6-burner stainless steel gas grill also holds exceptional capacity. It allows you to cook multiple dishes at the same time with 9000-BTU in every pane.

Moreover, the expansive grilling area of 753 square inches means that you can never run out of space. There are wide ingredient-storing shelves on the side of the griller for quick supplies.

Considering all the benefits this griller offers, it is no surprise it is sold out frequently. We recommend checking the brand’s website regularly not to miss any good deals!


  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Exceptional capacity


  • Sold out frequently

8. KitchenAid 740-0781 Built Propane 6-burner Gas Grill – Best Design

Regarding designs, the KitchenAid 740-0781 6-burner Gas grill is the best in the current market.

With a width of 65 inches and a height of 44 inches, this griller can fit in almost any cooking space. You can compact it for a convenient three-burner size or open it to accommodate six burners. There are wheels underneath every griller for easy transportation as well.

Besides its excellent design, the KitchenAid griller is highly durable. The griller can be safe from potential water damage during use, thanks to the heavy-duty BBQ cover vinyl. The 600D thickened polyester fabric coating inside, moreover, boosts its resistance to tears and fadings.

There are air holes on the side to prevent moisture and condescension from building up. This feature ultimately protects the machine from rust and oxidation.

Unfortunately, there is not a wide range of colors for this product. This feature does not affect the griller’s performance in any way, but we advise you to keep this in mind before buying.


  • Great design
  • Highly durable
  • Rust-resistant


  • Lack of colors

9. Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 BBQ 6-burner gas grill – Most convenient

If you are looking for a quick and on-the-go six-burner gas grill, we highly recommend the Napoleon PRO665RSIBPSS-3 BBQ 6-burner gas grill.

With its U-shape design and cooking grids, users can achieve even-heated food from the get-go. In addition to that, the gas grill offers 14000 BTU. This power is very balanced, meaning you can adapt it to cook any ingredient and with any style.

Regarding customization, there is a control panel on the side for quick temperature and heat changes. This feature allows you to do anything from searing chicken and steaks to slow grilling vegetables and buns.

Many additional features also boost the griller’s convenience. For example, the folding support legs enable quick and easy setups. The grease pan, on the other hand, ensures cleanliness and sanitary while cooking.

Manufacturing this griller takes many steps, resulting in a high level of waste disposal and carbon emission. The Napoleon team is working hard to alleviate this problem in their next upcoming products. Keep updated by visiting the brand’s website!


  • Easy to use
  • Quick customization
  • Very convenient


  • Not environmentally-friendly production

10. Char-Broil 650 6-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill – Most portable

Are you looking for a travel-friendly griller to cook at outdoor picnics? The Char-Broil 650 6-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill  is a perfect option.

Thanks to its small size and built-in design, you can bring this product anywhere without difficulty. The grill features a 16.4 oz disposable propane tank, ideal for easy power-ups and ignitions.

It also comes with an intelligent indicator to tell you about the performance and power of the product. This feature not only makes customization more convenient but also prevents any unexpected power runout from happening.

Next, the construction of this griller is exceptional. Made of cast aluminum, it is very lightweight and useful for on-the-go needs. The folding support legs, moreover, help users set up quicker and easier.

One drawback of this griller, however, is its high price. Although we think it is a good investment if you are someone who travels regularly.


  • Portable
  • Quick and easy power supply
  • Great construction


  • High price

The buying guide on how to choose the best six-burner gas grill

Cooking space

Six-burner gas grills are popular thanks to their expansive cooking space. With a grilling area of 500 square inches and above, this gadget allows you to cook multiple dishes and prepare side treats all at the same time.

Moreover, many grillers have extra space for storing ingredients. This feature makes six-burner grills ideal for big parties and extended families.

Temperature controls

Easy customization is always crucial when it comes to cooking appliances.

Regarding six-burner gas grills, the easier it is to adjust the temperatures, the better the outcome will be. This quality makes it easier for users to experiment with ingredients and cooking styles.

Usually, manufacturers put control knobs or panels on the side of the griller for quick modifications. Make sure the gas grill you purchase has this feature.

Build quality

Build quality is one of the most important factors when purchasing grillers. Showy, polished, and expensive products don’t always equal high build quality.

We recommend you do your own research and consult other professionals to make the best choice. However, a rule of thumb is strong build quality boosts your product’s durability and performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most versatile griller?

According to many product reviews, Weber Summit S-670 LP Gas Grill 7370001 is the best for versatility.

While most grills allow you to cook in one way, this product makes it easy to experiment with any ingredient and cooking style. From searing, and grilling to smoking, and side burning. Not only that, but it also comes with flavorizer bars to help you season your food with ease.

Can six-burner grillers take away the flavor?

No, it is actually the contrary.

Firstly, gas grillers can be regulated more easily, allowing users to cook with better accuracy and precision. Usually, this can result in better seasoning and more delicious food.

Secondly, grillers have flavorizer bars. These features make for quick and excellent seasoning overall.

I’m hosting a huge party. Are six-burner gas grills suitable?

Yes! Many gas grillers are ideal for parties.

Here are a few of our suggestions. The Royal Gourmet GB8000 8-Burner Gas Grill has a cooking area of up to 753 square inches. Likewise, the Megamaster 6 Burner also offers very wide burners that allow you to fit a large amount of food.

These grillers make sure you can cook multiple dishes at the same time. Perfect for large parties!

What are some drawbacks of six-burner gas grills?

There are two disadvantages to six-burner gas grills.

Firstly, it costs a lot more than regular kitchen appliances. Be sure to research the product carefully before buying.

Secondly, grills offer very high power. Although this is a good thing, long exposure to this can cause some harmful chemical balances.

What griller is the most convenient?

The MARTIN Portable Propane BBQ Gas Grill is one of the most convenient products on the market.

With its U-shape design and cooking grids, users can achieve even-heated food from the get-go. Additionally, customization is very easy. The control panel on the side helps temperature and heat adjustments to happen without difficulty.

Many extra features also boost the griller’s convenience. For example, the folding support legs allow quick and easy setups. The grease pan, on the other hand, ensures cleanliness and sanitary while cooking.

What is the best six-burner gas grill?

All of the suggested products above are some of the best six-burner gas grills in the current market. We guarantee they will help you experiment with a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles.

However, before investing in a product, make sure to thoroughly understand what are your needs and preferences to find the best fit possible.

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