Top 5 Best Indoor Grill Pans: Tested & Reviewed in Detail 2022

The grill pan is your great helper in cooking compared to most existing stoves. If you have an induction or gas stove, the grill pan is definitely for you.

The grill pan allows you to cook directly at the table, withstand high temperatures, and be available for simple to advanced baking. Moreover, they will keep the food in a particular state of heat and hot.

Therefore, a grill pan is always necessary for every family who likes European dishes such as steak or pan-fried salmon.

If you are looking for this product, we have a few suggestions for the best indoor grill pan that you should have to create the best dishes.

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Indoor Grill Pan 2022

Without making you wait any longer, in the section below, we will analyze the pros and cons of each to help you choose the most suitable ones.

#1. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan – Best for Compact Size

Lodge Cast Iron
Lodge Cast Iron

Important Specifications

  • Material: Iron and Steel
  • Size: 17.25 x 10.5 x 2.62 inches
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

Product highlights

The Lodge cast iron pan is an excellent solid cast iron design product. On the pan surface, there is a groove design to help transfer heat faster to the food, saving you cooking time. With a size of 27 x 44 x 5 (cm), you can cook the simplest grilled dishes for yourself and your small family from 2-4 people.

The product has a molded handle that allows you to move the pan while cooking very firmly and safely.

Furthermore, you can use the Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan on various stoves and cooking surfaces such as gas, induction, oven, or even charcoal stoves.

At the same time, grilled dishes and pan-fried, and sautéed dishes can all be suitable for the pan’s design from the United States.

Products are not only cooking utensils; creating delicious dishes will be the best thing to help the family bond. It simplifies cooking as it improves appearance and texture over the years.

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  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Durable
  • It helps food to cook quickly
  • Save electricity/gas


  • High volume

Bottom line

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan can be available for daily cooking or even picnics because this grill pan is suitable for gas stoves or induction cookers at home and can be used on the stove, grill, or campfire. It will help you have a warm and delicious meal.

#2. Cuisinel Cast Iron Grill Pan – Best for Overall

Cuisinel Cast Iron
Cuisinel Cast Iron

Important Specifications:

  • Material: Iron and Steel
  • Size: 17.4 x 12.48 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 10.12 pounds

Product highlights

The cast-iron pan from the Cuisinel brand has an enameled design of the cooking surface, so it has excellent non-stick ability.

In particular, the product allows you to cook sophisticated and meticulous dishes with a thicker consistency.

At the same time, the product comes with a silicone handle that makes it easy to hold for cooking or on the go. Cuisinel Cast Iron has an attached lid to help limit the grease splashing onto the kitchen, which is unsightly and difficult to clean.

The design allows you to use it on many stoves for cooking or frying, such as induction, for baking. When cleaning the product, you should not use the dishwasher but wash it by hand and dry it at the stove’s temperature.

Cuisinel cast iron pan products have a lifetime warranty and always ensure good quality and durability compared to existing competitors on the market.

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  • Cooking variety
  • Easy to clean
  • Even heat dissipation
  • High Quality


  • Higher price

Bottom line

An enameled cast iron pan with a beautiful appearance with a glass lid will help keep the kitchen clean and limit grease. Moreover, the product will help you create delicious and warm meals with family and friends.

#3. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible – Best for Endurance

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron
Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Important Specifications

  • Material: Iron and Steel
  • Size: 20 x 10.5 x 0.81 inches
  • Weight: 13.5 Pounds

Product highlights

Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle With Handles is a 100% cast iron product, so it can hold and distribute heat very well.

This product fits two burners on the stovetop. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron is equipped with two handles on either side of the pan to make it easy to move, flip or hang on the wall in the house.

You need to use two spacers to use the pan’s handle to transfer heat as it cooks.

If you’re looking for a product that can handle a variety of dishes, then the Lodge Pre-Seasoned is for you. The product helps you cook dishes of different cultures worldwide, such as making eggs, pancakes or steak, etc.

Lodge brand from the US provides world-leading quality cast iron kitchen products. The product is easy to use, does not require complicated assembly, and can be used flexibly for many different types of kitchens and dishes.

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  • It can be used flexibly
  • Good heat distribution
  • Easy to use
  • Hanging design when not in use


  • Easy to transfer heat to the handle

Bottom line

A cast iron product from the leading Lodge brand in the US, Lodge Pre-Seasoned is a great helper for you in many dishes. The effect dissipates heat evenly and keeps food ready after cooking, especially steak.

#4. Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan – Best for Safety

Jean Patrique The Whatever
Jean Patrique The Whatever

Important Specifications

  • Material: Cast Aluminum
  • Size: 10.63 x 13.39 x 1.77 inches
  • Weight: 3.08 pounds

Product highlights

Jean Patrique The Whatever Pan is from high-quality aluminum. When cooking with this pan, food sizzles; it creates flavor and excitement.

At the same time, the product is lighter in weight than cast iron, so it is less likely to fall and easier to move during cooking.

The product is not only suitable for gas or induction cookers, but you can also use it for the oven when the design has a back depth of up to 4.5cm. The range has a temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the pan does not have quality problems such as cracking or breaking.

You will also save a lot of oil when the product comes with a food-safe non-stick coating. You need to spray a sufficient amount of oil on the surface for stir-frying or frying.

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  • Popular products
  • Good anti-stick
  • Used for a variety of kitchens
  • Save cooking oil


  • Not optimizing the area with a square pan

Bottom line

Products made from high-quality die-cast aluminum bring you delicious food and the fastest cooking time. At the same time, the circular surface design is standard in daily processing, suitable for gas or induction cookers.

You can also save money when you don’t need to use a lot of oil for your dishes and still ensure the deliciousness.

#5. MasterPan Grill Pan Wooden – Best for Heat Resistance

MasterPan Non-Stick
MasterPan Non-Stick

Important Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: 19 x 11.6 x 1.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds

Product highlights

MasterPan products are derived entirely from cast aluminum to help conduct heat and ensure the most evenly cooked food. You can also cook with this product on any induction hob oven as it is heat resistant up to 350 degrees F.

MasterPan is also outstandingly non-stick and anti-fouling. At the same time, the product does not contain PFOA, so it is safe for health.

Moreover, MasterPan is also suitable for dishwashers or hot water faucets to increase cleaning ability and remove grease.

The product has a wooden handle design that can be folded when not used to save space, even suitable for small kitchens.

The MasterPan is the perfect product for you if you love the grilling style as it has a similar ridgeline to a grill. The outstanding non-stick and cleaning ability also saves more time cooking and cleaning.

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  • Small weight
  • It’s easy to move
  • Heat limiting handle
  • Easy to wash in the dishwasher


  • Perishable wooden handle

Bottom line

MasterPan is suitable for those who love baking, and there is no need to clean up and wash dishes by hand. The dishes will cook thoroughly and evenly when using the product for cooking. At the same time, the non-stick layer will help you cook more dishes such as stir-fry, fried, fried.

Buying Guides: How To Choose The Best Indoor Grill Pan

  • Size: A square or rectangular pan will help you maximize the cooking surface
  • Materials: Products from solid cast iron have a longer heating time but keep the food temperature better than aluminum, non-stick pans.
  • Handles: Cast iron pans often do not have handles made of other materials, while non-stick pans often have handles made of wood or materials that do not transmit heat.

The longer handle will limit the heat, making it less hot, but the weight will increase and be heavier for the cast iron pan.

  • Brand: Big brands from the US European countries will be the first choice because the warranty period and quality are always guaranteed to be the best.
  • Price: Good pans are available starting at $30 and come in various shapes and sizes to suit every purpose and amount of food. Products with cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminum have the good anti-stick ability.


Finding a good quality grill pan is not easy. We’ve gathered and answered a series of related frequently asked questions in the section below. Check them out!

Which is better: cast iron or non-stick grill pan?

Whether a cast iron or non-stick pan is better depends on the purpose of using the pan and how to clean them. Cast iron pans help you cook better in high heat, help retain heat well, but need some time to heat the pan before cooking.

Non-stick pans are more expensive, have good adhesion resistance, are used in stir-fry dishes, and are relatively small.

For a detailed comparison, check this video:

Do indoor grill pans work?

Indoor grill pans work when you heat the pan before putting the ingredients in and cooking. The minimum time to reach the standard heat is about 5 minutes, helping the food cook more evenly and saving time.

It would help if you also covered the pan to make the food cook faster, increase the dish’s flavor, and make it more attractive.

What are pans safe on the grill?

There are now many metal pans that you can use on the grill. Baking products used in the oven can withstand high temperatures for a certain period.

However, pan products should not be available in an oven made of glass or ceramic because they will crack or break when exposed to excessive heat.

Why is cast iron better than non-stick?

In terms of heat retention, cast-iron pans probably have an advantage over non-stick pans. The outstanding heat retention of cast iron pans has been many times before. It does take some time to heat the pan before cooking, but it will help you create the most delicious and hot dishes.

Cast iron pans are much cheaper than non-stick pans because the cleaning ability of non-stick pans is better, so many users prefer them. Moreover, cast iron pans have a larger volume, making it difficult for cooks to move.

What Is Best Indoor Grill Pans

We hope this article has helped you choose the best indoor grill pan for your kitchen. A good pan will keep your food warm and fragrant.

Moreover, delicious food will make you happy and help family members bond and love each other more. Let us know what you need to look for next!

Thank you for reading!


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